Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tricote en Bresse

I'd write this post in French except it would be a disgrace to the language. I can barely get by in English most of the time so pushing my piddling high school French would only make you shudder. Lots of knitting going on here (see? Fragmentation - tres mal!), but only on simple things. I've dropped the sweaters for now, my brain is rebelling against Gull stitch, and I've picked up a pair of languishing socks. Knit with bamboo/Merino Opal and a vanilla sock pattern - memorized, of course - they're a joy to knit. Waiting for the bus, riding the bus, during my breaks and lunch at work, while watching The Office (my manager lent me the DVD - total addict!) - perfect knitting anytime. Despite my recent addiction to anthropology (specifically paleo-), I'm still reading some of my favorites: Terry Pratchett as always and a book I purcased last week by Peter Mayle. French Lessons, one of his books I hadn't delved into, is a delightful exploration into the French culture. Poulet appellation, the Provencal locals, and Bugandy galore. Always a pleasure.
I'm over whatever little sniffle I had. My illnesses never last long although I try to make a big deal of them. People know me too well: "She'll be back on her feet tomorrow. Don't worry." The sympathy I receive is overwhelming. At least Mutti made me some soup. What are mothers for except to coddle their chicks, no matter how old they are.

I finished my gigantic garter stitch kerchief. I used two skeins of Manos del Uruguay. The skeins were purchased impulsively last year (autumn, I think) purely for their color: bright, joyful, distinctly not flowing with the weather at the time. Now that it's done it reminds me of something a Punjabi grandmother would wear in a Washington winter. A bright flash of color in an otherwise grey environment. It's too hot to model now, but come fall I'll have plenty of pictures for you. By the way, that's Mutti's Homemade Chicken Soup in the background. It's all gone now, but you can drink in a smidgen with your eyes. Favorite tapestry needle given to my by my sister - excellent for bulky yarns.

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Stefaneener said...

I'm glad you feel better. I had my summer cold, and I declare me off limits for viruses until November. You, too.