Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In good company

We are finally moved and quite happy. The apartment is roomy and fits all of our possessions, the neighbors are friendly, but not nosy, and everything is falling nicely into place. I'm still working and Mutti is looking for work. The kittehs could care less about all the unpacking and organizing business, and I am thinking about getting a puppy. Just thought I'd throw that last bit out there for comments and suggestions.
Mutti and I recently visited Alisha's home where we met her two daughters, Aubrey and Jade (Aubrey is the Victorian-looking blonde, and Jade is the one who could be a beat poet); her husband, Jim; her son, Tanner; and her puppikins, Sweetie. We had the most wonderful time just sitting, knitting, chatting, drinking tea or in my hungover case - coffee, and nibbling breakfast fodder. Her home is so relaxed and charming that I should be using phrases like "the most delightful occasion" and "nary a worry aside from the disreputable neighbors" except I'm afraid a Jane Austen book will come thundering down from nowhere onto my head. Ker-thunk.
Anyway, we had a splendid (there I go again) time and I really hated to leave. Damn work.
Last week we celebrated Teener's sixty-fourth (64) birthday. I almost bought her an over-the-hill card, but I realized I was 14 years too late. Happy Birthday again, Teener! Mutti made her a delicious cake (surprise!) and she showed off the bracelet her grandson made for her. A very classy piece, Mother of Pearl buttons and all. She had us over the next day for wine and nibblies and knitting. Lots of fun.
I meant to share my bread making with you, but this was around the last of the month and I wasn't posting. I switched our bread recipe from all white wheat to half white wheat/ half whole wheat. It makes the bread yummy, light, and healthy. A nice change. Mutti was convinced she wouldn't like it, but of course she loves it. Silly.
My schedule is being switched around a bit at work which means that I now have Monday afternoons off which means I can go to Monday night knitting. It's usually held in the dining area in Bayview Thriftway downtown unless the space is otherwise occupied. This week we'll be at Marathon Park soaking up the sun.

I have been knitting, really. Julep is done done done and I've even worn it a few times. Just haven't managed to take pictures. The body of FLS is done and I'm almost done with the first sleeve. The lace pattern is kind of wearing me down a bit (sandpaper, grand rapids, screaming children might be better) so I had to put it down for a bit. I picked up a hand spun scarf and just last night I knit a few rows on my Selbu Mittens. Color work is in the air.


Chris said...

Glad the move went well!

Stefaneener said...

Hmmm, a puppy. What kind, what schedule do you all have, have you ever had one, etc.

Nice bread picture. I must bake tomorrow. Sheesh.