Friday, May 22, 2009

Sometimes my life is a joke, but at least I have socks!

Things that have happened this month:
- While trying to re-learn how to ride a bike a shrub jumped out in front of me. Apparently it's not just like riding a bike.
-I hit on and asked out a married man who I did not know was married. Surprise! He said no, for the record. And thus his loyalty was tested. That was the point of me asking, or at least, that's my excuse.
-We got some guy to mow our lawn so we don't have to. Hooray! Except last week he mutilated some of the iris leaves with the weed whacker.
-I was supposed to meet up with some of my co-workers to go walking around Capitol Lake yesterday except one of them fell off the face of the earth (and won't empty her phone's mailbox) and I begged off from the other one because I think he'll ask me out if he gets me alone. Runaway!
I have finished socks!

Pattern: Laeticia
Needles: US1.5/3.00mm
Yarn: Pagewood Farm Denali Hand dyed Sock Yarn

I was having a biiig knitting rut for a while and these socks dragged me right out of it. Lots of fun to knit. The traveling illusion cable impresses lots of people - especially non-knitters. And damn! It's nice to have new hand knit socks on my feets!
Exhibit A: sock-making love

Mutti's latest art project - and my favorite:
Her class was asked to draw a memory and this was hers. She remembers sitting under a pear tree as a child. Isn't it beauteous? It's a mix of crayon, pastel, and watercolor. She's really getting fancy with the media.

Psst... I'm still working on Julep, but the miles of stockinette for the body are driving me a little batty so I'm starting a February Lady Sweater with the Wool of the Andes that I dyed and was originally using for the Bog Jacket which I ripped since my attention span won't allow me to knit that much garter stitch. I cannot tell you the number of times people have asked me if I'm pregnant. Is the mint green really that much of a baby color?


turtlegirl76 said...

LOVE Leticia! They're so pretty!

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, my. It is a good thing you have those gorgeous socks after all that! Yikes. It can only get better, right???

Mutti's picture is gorgeous. Wow!

Stefaneener said...

That's a gorgeous picture from your mom. Don't, I'd suggest, do any art about these specific memories for a while : )

I'm sure he was very flattered, as he should be!