Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A new spin on the same projects

Although I'm going to start a new spinning project this morning, I haven't made much progress on anything else. Maybe I should be spinning the last two skeins for my Toxic Mittens, but when spinning and knitting is your relaxation there's nothing you "should" do. I dyed this roving a while ago and it's been sitting in the living room for a while. I dyed it in three long sections: undyed, pink, and chestnut - Neapolitan! Just about every spinner dyes or spins something in Neapolitan colors at least once in their life, probably more. Chawne has her Ice Cream yarn, MyYarns Handspun Neapolitan, and Spindelicious' Parisian Candy. What is it that's so attractive about this colorway? I'm not particularly fond of ice cream so it must be something else. The bright pink or the warm variegated tones of brown. Something. This yarn will be a heavy DK or a worsted weight self striping for mittens. I'm not sure who they'll be for, but I do know that I plan on embellishing them with embroidery or buttons. Maybe both.
More goodness: I received my Knit Picks order in the mail a few days ago! Twenty-four balls of Wool of the Andes in white for Heroine. I'm not even going to buy the needles for this project yet. If I do, I'll start it. I already have one sweater otn. No more than that. I even re-taped the box to avoid temptation.

My Spice Scarf is coming along. The stitches in socks are too small for me to look at on the bus (nausea-inducing) so I started this bus knitting project instead. I finished the first ball of Manos and have just started the second. Should make a cozy wraparound shawl. I get lots of odd looks on the bus. O well. Just keep knitting.
The Delft Mittens are coming along slowly. I only work on them in the morning because the colors don't have a lot of contrast and I don't want to screw up the pattern. My sister claimed these during lunch one day. I didn't put up much of a fight since they weren't for me and didn't have an owner yet. These aren't really my colors. I just put them together because they worked. A very spontaneous project.
The palm pattern is a little difficult to keep track of. It starts out being a 2x1 pattern, but then there's a 3 in there because of the diamonds. Pay attention! I'm going into uncharted territory soon. I charted the gusset a little too short so I'm ditching the chart I made and I'm just going to use my brain for the rest. I won't be posting this pattern as these are one-of-a-kind mittens for my sister. No replicas allowed.

Off to spin!

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allisonmariecat said...

Those mittens are fantastic. Wow! And the scarf, and the Neapolitan and the ability to tape shut a shiny new box of yarn :)

I thought I was challenging myself, doing a simple cable (my first EVER cable project!), but obviously not! Speaking of, I too am trying to discard notions of "should" with regard to things that are supposed to be fun. I get to knit what I want!