Thursday, October 02, 2008

Food with smatterings of knitting, yarn, and intrigue

The last of the tomatoes are ripening up. They're deliciously ripe and, if we didn't have an excess of fresh veggies in the house, I'd eat one all by itself. Perhaps a bit of pepper.

On Monday night I made Leftovers Stew (a frequent visitor to the table) and Cheese and Onion biscuits. The recipe is a basic biscuit recipe from James Beard with sharp cheddar cheese and sauteed onions added.

These chocolate mushrooms from Paldo World disappeared pretty fast. Rest assured, they're not the poisonous kind.

Hot tea in a cheery cup for a sick knitter. I have a fever and have been spending my time indoors, under covers, with my knitting. I specifically started a comfort knitting project to keep me company on the couch:
A scarf knit using my hand spun cashmere/merino/angora tweed (2ply, lace weight). I'm using my favorite pair of circular Susanne's rosewood needles -US4- and it's a fine match. It's knitting up into a soft fabric with wonderful drape. There's nothing worse than a scarf that makes you feel like you're wearing a collar. The main stitch is garter stitch, but I'm throwing in some stitch patterns that I like or haven't tried yet. Not too much lace. Mainly embossed stitch patterns. Barbara Walker and I have been spending many moments together. You can't really see the patterns, but it gives the scarf interesting texture and keeps me entertained.
Yesterday I cast on for Through The Loops' Mystery Sock. The cuff was pretty basic and I think I'll knit both socks at the same time so I have a pair (instead of the usual single sock) at the end of October.

I finished Mutti's Bahama Mama Sock Yarn:
fiber: Blue-faced Leicester from Hello Yarn (purchased undyed)
yds: 624.94
details: navajo plied as usual, about 28 wpi, spun into ombre stripes
Just the ticket for autumn knitting.


Chris said...

Wow, that sock yarn is gorgeous! You dyed it??

Stefaneener said...

Even sick, you do much more knitting than I do well. Hooray for the tomatoes! I have big plans for next year's garden, but right now it's teeny winter veggies.

The spinning is amazing. Hope you get well very soon.

allisonmariecat said...

Drool, drool, and drool! Let me wipe off the keyboard. Love the cheese and onion biscuits to go with stew. I get in a cornbread or bread machine wheat rut, have to remember those.

Bahama Mama is stunning. Stunning, I tell you!

Feel better!