Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You like me! You really like me!

Allison gave me an award today. There were no flowers attached, but I understand that it can be a little hard to order flowers, wrestle a three year old (is she three? or two? crap, I can't remember. A toddler), wrestle a toddler, and post an award. This time I'll forgive her. Next time I won't be so lenient. Not that there will be a next time. I'm supposed to nominate, uh, 4 other bloggers. What? At least four? Nominate more? I'm sticking to four. I don't really like that many people.

1. Suse. Because I love soup, Australians, Tim-tams, and hand knitted wash cloths.

2. Chris. Because she has kitties.

3. Christie. Because she has kitties.

4. The Yarn Harlot. Oh, come on. You knew it was coming. I'm such a stalker.

Moving on....

I've been working on my Shining Star mittens for about an hour every morning. I was halfway through the star motif before the screwy, messed up thumb gusset got to me. I ripped back to the first hand row and it's going to stay there until I figure out a way to make the thumb gusset flow seamlessly into the rest of the hand. Rip, Stir, Let simmer for three days.

This is not the way I want the thumb gusset to look.

Neither is this.

I remembered to take a picture of the mitten before I frogged. See? I'm happy with it, aside from the gusset. Just a minor detail... we shall not be informing my sister that I just ripped back half her Xmas mitten.
If you feel like stealing the pattern from the picture, go ahead. Or you could just wait until I post it. You may not have that amount of time though.

Sorry you have to wait. Have some gratuitous pussy:
Ten dolla make ya holla!

Oh, and look! I got new galoshes from infinityshoes.com. Aren't they the best? Now I just need some damn rain. Let's all do a rain dance.
Yep, that's Sophie in the background. Eating the box. She's the Paper Cat.


allisonmariecat said...

If you're on Facebook, I think I can send virtual flowers :) I tried putting real ones in the CD drive, but they wouldn't fit.

Oh my god, your "gratuitous pussy" and caption CRACKED me UP! See, this kind of quality blogging is why I gave you the award.

Right, this is a knitting blog...the knitting's awesome. Sorry about the screwy gusset, though. The color is to die for, and it's pretty pretty pretty.

Stefaneener said...

Well, you are charming. And the mitten is fantastic. I so support frogging as an activity. Really. Good for the soul, good karma.

Chris said...

Aw, thanks! :) Hee hee - that's a great "pussy" shot... I think I've posted a similar pose of Chaos, captioned something like "come and get it, baby."

Trinity said...

If only I had ten dolla! Just kidding. Came across your blog through the comment you left on the Yarn Harlot's blog. I dig the galoshes and your pussy joke.

turtlegirl76 said...

Best photo caption EVER. Sorry about the mitten, it'll be better this time I promise. ;)

And thank you so much for the award! =D

D.J. said...

mwaah ha ha ha. thank god i swallowed my wine before that picture. geoff heard me all the way from the bathroom. er, nevermind.

love the kitty nibble picture, too.

Suse said...

Thank you so much for the award.

I'm blushing.