Saturday, August 02, 2008

Tomato Collective

Tomato pictures -as promised. These little ones are Blondkopfchen (Little Blond Head) tomatoes. I've never tried them before so I'm anxious for them to ripen. These tomato plants get so big and they have hundreds of flowers on them. They're very bushy, too.
Here's one of our Heirlooms. It's shorter than the other tomatoes, but it has the largest tomatoes growing. I'm a little worried about the tomatoes on this one because they're growing right between the two stalks. Might get a little snug once the other ones get as large as the tomato on the left.
This is the other Heirloom tomato. When I planted it I kept pulling off the lower leaves and small branches to make it grow taller. I made it grow so tall it now resembles a tomato tree. The tomatoes on this one just started growing two weeks ago. It's definitely a different variety than our other Heirloom, but we're not sure which. Any tomato experts?

Last, but not least, our Roma tomato. There aren't very many tomatoes on this one. Maybe because I planted it in the ground a little later than the others. We got this one from our friend, Angela, who's starting her own garden with raised beds and all that fun stuff. Sadly, we're not that fancy. "Just stick it in the ground somewhere!"

I can't wait until we get some ripe tomatoes. I love them in soups, salads, and sandwiches, but mainly just by themselves. Is there anything better than freshly picked tomatoes? Aside from knitting, of course...
Speaking of knitting, I cast on for another Hydrangea Hat. I'm using a ball of Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK and US 6/ 4mm needles. This one is for my sister. I'm almost done with the ribbing and should have it finished by tomorrow or the day after. I'm so proud of myself - starting my Christmas knits early. If I'm in a writing sort of mood I'll write down the instructions for the decreasing... even though I said I wouldn't. I have guilt.
I finished one of Josh's socks yesterday and I will start the second one today. There's no SSS allowed with Vanilla socks. I really love this colorway, which just goes to show that I've been working with solid colored yarn too much.

I've been spinning a bit, too. My fiber stash is getting so dangerously low there should be flashing red lights somewhere. This is about 4 oz leftover Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale in the Watermelon Tourmaline colorway. I spun a very fine single to use for sock yarn - my favorite spinning project. I may gift this... not sure yet.

MezzoDiva is asking for sponsorship for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. It's a 60km walk to raise money and support to help breast cancer patients get the care they need. The money raised funds advanced research to overcome breast cancer. Donate here! If you'd like to register for the walk, you may do so here.

Before I sign off, has anyone missed the premiere of Twist Collective? If so, go take a long look. Great stuff. I love Adrian's Faux Bois mittens and scarf; Bonnie by Fiona Ellis, goddess of all things cabled; and Little Birds by Ysolda Teague. The leaf motif on Little Birds may be just the thing for a pair of mittens I'm dreaming up. Even if you don't buy any patterns (you really should buy some) it's great for inspiration.


allisonmariecat said...

Lovely tomatoes. I know that tomatoes are a fruit, but very little else, so I'll leave it to someone else to suggest what types you have :)

I love that color of Silkroad for the hat. Very nice. And the sock!

The spinning is gorgeous! Pretty, pretty.

Stefaneener said...

Look at you being so responsible. Do your gift recipients read your blog?

Reminds me. . . I'm going to have to start pestering my blog readers for their addresses for holiday gifts.

Lovely spinning. I'm treating myself to a whack of three-ply and using it as something to motivate myself. I wish it worked with knitting! Lovely tomatoes. I wish I'd gotten my garden going but not this year, alas.