Wednesday, August 06, 2008

A martyr to my muscles

There will be no spinning or knitting for me until Friday. I spun so much yesterday (no breaks) that I aggravated my carpal tunnel. Ouch. I'm typing one-handed. Last night I had to try and fall asleep with a bag of ice on my wrist. Not easy.
I dyed Mutti's 2 lbs. of Blue-faced Leicester on Monday. She decided that after her February Lady Sweater she never wants to knit another sweater. The fiber that she bought from Hello Yarn and Little Barn will now be used for socks, mittens, and a scarf. I'm calling the color Bahama Mama after a drink that we (me, my sister, and Mutti) favor. Very summery stuff. I've spun almost an entire bobbin of fine singles for Navajo plied sock yarn.

I love how it's turning out. Hopefully it will be just as Mutti wants it: wide stripes of obnoxious colors. Pretty good so far, I'd say.

I finished some sock yarn on Sunday. It's more Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale in the Watermelon Tourmaline colorway. There were only 2.5 oz left, but I managed to squeeze 364 yds out of it. (145.6 yards per ounce - not bad...). It's a lightweight Navajo plied sock yarn for me. It's not my favorite color, but I always need socks so I won't complain.

Yarn Pr0n:
I changed the blog colors. Believe it or not, the green was starting to wear on me a little. Time for a nice, fresh blue. I'll blog again it a couple of days when my wrist feels better. This one-handed typing thing isn't fun.

Miss Lucy - a beautiful double lily that smells like a funeral parlor


Chris said...

Ouch! Hope you're wrist feels better soon. And wow - that Watermelon Tourmaline is pretty stuff.

Stefaneener said...

Take care of yourself! That spinning is too wonderful for you to not be able to do more -- I hope you feel much better soon.

nitzie said...

I popped on over from Post Mortem. Your spinning is just lovely! I love the Bahama Mama -- that hot pink is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous colors. thank you for sharing.