Friday, July 25, 2008


If I try really hard someone might think I'm Kauni

Look what you missed out on! It's not your fault. I guess I was depriving you. A thousand apologies. This is last month's spinning. 2 oz of BFL dyed in a progressive rainbow shades. I'll probably knit it into a Morning Surf Stole or scarf, but I haven't worked my needles into in yet.I still have a few more ounces of this to spin. Maybe 4 or 5. This ball is 195 yds of bouncy and fluffy DK wt (navajo plied) yarn. I want to finish some projects before I start a new project (HAHAHAH!) so I can linger over this yarn.

More of last month's May's spinning:
430 yds of fluffy (what's with the fluffiness around here?) 2 ply DK/light worsted wt superwash merino yarn from this roving. Turned into this scarf. Made it up as I went along plying with ribbing. It's very cozy and when cold weather rolls around again, I'll be wearing it often.
I finished Swallowtail (a shawl that deserves it's own FO post) and started a new shawl.
No, Laminaria still isn't done. Don't change the subject.
It's the Shetland Tea Shawl from A Gathering of Lace. I'm using a couple thousand yds from the two lbs. of Fiddlehead Zephyr Wool-Silk that I bought two or three years ago. Very pretty stuff in the lilac colorway. Heaven to work with, too. SO soft and smooth. A nice change from slippery alpaca. I'm using a 2.75mm/ US 2 needle which is one size smaller than the pattern calls for, but I think it creates a nicer fabric. I'm also ditching the Madeira Diamond pattern and using something else - not sure what yet- and the edging. I may use the Godmother's Edging or something similar.
Look, a fern!

Mettez la chaux sur le pied*

I picked up my Sweet Lime sock on wednesday and cranked out a few more inches. I can't wait to get to the heel. Damn my 10" feet! I love knitting this pattern. The yarn (claudia's handpainted) makes it even more enjoyable. I have about three more inches to go before I start the heel and then - much excitement. I love making up my own socks. I don't think I've knitted a really lacey sock before, except Pomatomus. I might have one of these done quite soon depending on my knitting mood. I make no promises, as usual.

On to something new!
Mrooo! ...I don't know what sound mammoths make either
What were you expecting? Something... orange, perhaps? I do have something going with that, but since it's such a tiny project I'll only post it when it's finished. So there. This, ifImaygetbacktotheknittingathand-thankyouverymuch, is the woolly mammoth tea cozy from Spin to Knit. I'm not thrilled with the book, but I do love this pattern. Needs a little tweaking here and there (like the part where they completely screw up double knitting - slip the stitch with the yarn in the front!) , but it should be fun once it's felted and I make some tusks. Stay tuned for tea.

I've been sewing a little bit, too. This is an old doll pattern from Coats & Clark. They're not normally patchwork, but I decided to have a little fun. Her head is sewed on now, but I haven't bothered to take a picture. I think she needs some hair and maybe a sweater to cover her buttons. Socks, too.

Breaking news! Mutti is finally knitting her first sweater! Woo!! It's a heavily modified version of the Feb. Lady Sweater from Ravelry. She loved the pattern when I showed it to her, but was unhappy with a few things: the sizes go from 41" to 44" (uh...what happened to 42 & 43?), the lace pattern, the eyelets around the chest, the shapeless sleeves, um... yeah, that's it. So I re-wrote the entire pattern removing the eyelets and buttonholes (she wants clasps), changed the lace pattern from gull to vine lace, shaped the sleeves, nixed the garter stitch on the bottom of the sleeves and sweater, and changed the size to 42". Can I call it mine now?
She's using Cascade 220 is a sage color that we can't agree on - she loves it; me: not so much. Thankfully, her first sweater will fit her and she'll love it, which is more than I can say for my first sweater. No pictures, please.

Swallowtail Shawl post soon...

*and shake it all up...


turtlegirl76 said...

Can't wait to see Swallowtail! You've been busy!

I think I'm going to do clasps on my FLS when I finally do it. I like the look.

Stefaneener said...

You have both been busy. I'm with your mom on the color -- all greens are pretty nice.

Thanks for the link to the sweater -- I hadn't seen it. Nice.

Your spinning is lovely and you're getting so much done.

Matt and Allison Campbell said...

Where to start??? You're just going to have to post more frequently so there aren't so many comment-worthy things in one post!

Your spinning! Wow! I can't pick a favorite. I love the rainbow, but I also love the fluffy merino and I adore that scarf! Looks nice and warm.

Shawls and socks and cozies, oh my! Everything looks wonderful.

Wow, when you finally launch a yarn shop, my bank account is going to be in trouble...

allisonmariecat said...

Oops, that was me in the last comment :)

I also forgot to tell Mutti, yay! on your first sweater. And yay to you for designing it. Sounds to me like it's yours :)

D.J. said...

Loving the doll.

I love that Mommy is knitting a sweater--and with the glass of wine near at hand--with the ginormo smile. Didn't she say never? Never say never. You'll be crocheting in no time now.

The pattern is yours. Now can you rewrite it with yoke instead of raglan shaping for meeeee? Just kidding. I am the laziest knitter ever. I have no desire to pioneer into pattern maths. I'll just sit back and wait to knit what you tell me to. Ha ha. Speaking of which, I'm doing that this morning.