Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hydrangea Hat

Here it is. The hat really only took me one day, but the first day I knit the ribbing and was deciding which stitch pattern I liked better - this one or the one I used (Herringbone Lace from the first BW Treasury). I don't think I did anything but knit this hat yesterday. When I finished I debated writing the pattern down row by row, but decided not to because I'm lazy like that. I did, however, make notes which I hope will be some help.

Pattern: Hydrangea Hat by me
Yarn: Dream In Color Classy, color: Some Summer Sky
Needles: US 6/ 4mm
Gauge: 6 sts & 7 rows = 1"
Size: 21 - 22" This hat would probably fit up to a 24 - 25" head. It's really stretchy.
Started and finished: July 30 2008

Pattern notes:

CO 124 sts. Work 2x2 rib in the rnd for 2" (or less if you like a shorter hat). On the last rib rnd inc 2 sts (126 sts). Work herringbone chart twice. Right leaning slants are k2tog, left leaning are ssk, circles are yo, blank squares are knit sts. Notes about the st pattern: the chart moves over one st every half rep so when you get to row 2 or row 8 look at your knitting and make sure the your zig is zagging or vice versa.
Decreasing notes:
I decreased every third rep, then moved onto the decrease to the left of that and so on. It gives the top a staggered look. Decrease 1 st on each plain rnd along the same line as the decreases in the pattern. Depending on which part of the pattern rep you're knitting, you'll decrease one half of the rep, then the other half. When you dec the first half only dec to the yo. Don't dec the yo because the pattern will look really wonky (ask me how I know). To dec the other half, simply change the direction of the dec until you get to the next yo. When you have one stitch of the pattern repeat left btw two yos, sl 2 kwise, k1, psso.

Repeat this decrease pattern until you have 7 sts left (last decrease/ top of hat) then k1, k2tog around (4 sts). Work I-cord for 4 rows, cut yarn - leaving a tail, and pull through rem sts. Weave in all your ends.
You don't have to knit the little I-cord at the top, but I think it looks cute. If you don't want to knit it, just cut the yarn and pull through the last 7 sts.

I'm going to knit two more of these hats- one for my sister and one for my Aunt. I might tweak the pattern a little bit so it has a defined line of sts running into the decreases. I'm using two strands of Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK held together for Di's hat. I'll post a picture ofit when it's finished. If you have any questions about the hat or the pattern you can send me an email as long as the questions isn't: "Will you write this pattern out spoonful by spoonful line by line?" because the answer is "No."



allisonmariecat said...

Tee! How cute is that hat? I love the herringbone. Just zipping through the pattern, it looks like only the decreases might take some extra thinking about for me. I'll have to look through the stash and see what I have in the right weight. Sadly, I know I haven't that exact color :)

turtlegirl76 said...

Very cute! The stitch pattern just pops in that yarn. Awesome.

Chris said...

Look at how cute you are in your hat!

Terhi said...

Such a cute hat! I really like the top decreases, nicely done.

Zonda said...

Oh I love it! Going to wait and see how your others knit up, you know for the mods, etc. Nope I'll cut and paste the pattern myself ;) hehe

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'd love one to wear...who would need to style hair. lol