Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Christmas In July

I know, I barely made it. Another day and it'd be Christmas in August. Doesn't have the same ring to it. My knitting list this year is much shorter than last year. Much much shorter. What the hell was wrong with me last year? The Knitting Goddess has bashed my ambitions. Thanks. Reality check!
I'm knitting the usual socks for Kris and Josh, our friends on Anderson Is. They're not knitters, but they love hand knit socks and they take such good care of them that I promised them each a pair of socks every year until I die or get Alzheimer's and forget. These blue/tan ones are for Josh (ONline Supersock). I thought the color was appropriate since he lives on an island and owns a sailboat. I'm working my way up the cuff and should have it done soon*. The socks below are for Kris. As you can see, they don't fit on my 10" sock blockers very well. The yarn is ONline Supersock. Both socks worked on US1/ 2.25mm.
Here's a little finished object. It took me a little longer than it should have because working with non-elastic silk hurts my hands and I have much more demanding wips. I love it though. I started this after knitting Quant-ish and decided that maybe a wool headband isn't a good idea for summer.

Yarn: Hand dyed hand spun Bombyx Silk, 198 yds, sport wt.
Needles: US 4/ 3.5mm
Pattern: Dream Swatch by Wendy Bernard
Started: May 22 2008
Finished: July 28 2008

When I got near the end of the swatch I changed it to a seamless headband. I didn't want to fuss with buttons and a long tie like the original would annoy me. I picked out the CO edge and two garter bumps, placed the sts back on a needle and grafted the ends together. Much nicer. It was a little snug at first, but it stretched out a bit and it fits perfectly now.
Wow - just noticed that my hair looks really red in that picture. Wish it looked like that all the time...
I don't think I'd knit this again simply because I already have one and how many do you need, really? Plus, the edge rolls a little bit, even with a firm blocking. I have a lot of the silk leftover so maybe I'll knit another head band using the Mermaid Mesh pattern. I've always loved that stitch.You know you want me.

Speaking of sharing projects, here's one you haven't seen. I started and finished this sweater last year, but never posted it because I was too busy wearing it. It's my favorite (oh, and only) hand knit sweater.
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in plum and Jo Sharp Silkroad DK Tweed in cocoa
Needles: US 6/ 4mm
Pattern: Brooks Sweater by EZ from The Opinionated Knitter
Started: Dec 2007
Finished: Dec 2007

I don't remember the exact dates for starting and finishing, but it only took me a month which is saying something considering my usual knitting timetable. I especially loved working the shoulder shaping. It was so much fun not seaming. I love working with this yarn, too. I splurged early last year and bought a bunch of the Jo Sharp and three or four balls of the Rowan. It's beautiful yarn and the price is almost decent when you consider some of the other tweeds available. I have enough leftover that I can make a hat and mitten set for my sister for Xmas. See? And you thought I forgot this post was about Xmas knitting. Psshh...

I'm working on a surprise project^ for Mutti, but I'm not going to post about it since she reads my blog. I'll just say this: it's going to be gorgeous and Mutti-worthy and I'm not posting it until after Christmas - almost 5 months away. Are you squirming yet?

I think my Aunt Marge and my sister are going to get matching hats and maybe mitts. Definite maybe on the mitts. I just made up a new hat pattern that I love so of course I want to knit ten more. I'll probably crap out after two more, but since that's the right number I won't fuss.
As for the hat pattern, I might post it. I don't have it written down line by stinkin' spoon-fed line, but I made notes. I think the stitch pattern I used would look nice on the mitts. I'll have to try a pair out. I'll force Mutti to take some pictures of the hat when it's dry and I'll post them along with a scanned photo of my notes. Hope you can read my handwriting.... ('cause I can't). ;)

The weather has been great over here; warm and rainy on and off. The plants are loving it. My California Poppies have finally given up the ghost for this year, but at least I know they made it and will come back next year if I ask nicely. We got five tomato plants (three from friends, two grown from seed- woo!): two Blondkopfchens, one Roma, and the two that were grown from seeds by me were mislabeled as Agastache, but we think they're heirloom tomatoes. All have tomatoes on them. One of the Blondkopfchens didn't have any for a while, but I just checked this morning and there's a few teeny tomatoes starting. Remind me to take pictures of the thriving tomatoes on our supposed heirloom tomatoes.

I noticed that there's a lot of Queen Anne's Lace blooming. It's one of my favorite wild flowers, mainly because it hails the coming of August and I am an August baby (27th- and don't you forget it). They reminded me that I want to knit this shawl. No casting on for new shawls until I finish the two I have going though. No, no, no! At least I can admire it until then.

*Please make note of this last sentence in case of procrastination.

^What... you thought I was actually going to link to the project after I told you it's a surprise? Please, people...


Chris said...

Yay to us for working on our Christmas stuff now! :)

allisonmariecat said...

Love the socks! The headband is really pretty, and looks nice with your hair. I wish I had grafted my knit headband--I thought about it briefly, but didn't have a tapestry needle with me at the time and skipped it.

Gorgeous sweater! It looks so soft, classic, and comfy.

I love poppies! Oh, and I didn't even click on the Mutti project link. You didn't get me! I can wait for Christmas project postings. It'll be fun to read about later.

I'm definitely growing tomatoes next year. My peppers did extremely well, so I'll branch out :)

Anonymous said...


Wish my hair was long enough to wear one.

How does a person get on your Christmas list...and gosh, your list is does one get off?