Thursday, May 15, 2008

Crawling towards the sock yarn in the Twilight Zone

The weather in Olympia has turned gorgeous! It's 64F (17C) outside right now. This will be a short post since I'm headed outside to knit beneath the cherry tree.
I'm trying to finish up the Corriedale sock yarn before I start my next spinning project. I've spun three skeins and 633 yds so far. Either I've entered the Twilight Zone or I'm getting really good at this spinning thing. I weighed each skein only to find that each skein weighs exactly the same amount to the gram. I didn't even measure the roving beforehand. I just spin with the whole skein of pencil roving on my lap since it doesn't need to be pre-drafted. Each skein weighs 2 ounces so I've only got two more to spin. I had to stop yesterday because I had an ache in my shoulder, but I'll try again today. I love the color of this roving. My sister gave it to me last year and it's definitely not a color I would have chosen for myself. I really prefer dyeing my own, but I've been thinking about spinning other people's colors. Branching out of my comfort zone. I'm giving two skeins of the sock yarn to DJ for her birthday. I hope it'll motivate her to start spinning. She has some fiber already, but I don't think she's spun anything yet. I was going to let her borrow my wheel for a couple of weeks, but she declined saying that if she borrowed it, I'd never get it back. Not likely, DJ. I know where you live.
I've started a sweater. I'm using Bollicine Holiday on US6 needles. I'm sort of basing it on the Kangaroo Pouch Sweater from The Opinionated Knitter, but I've made lots of modifications. Body shaping, for one. I'm also putting in bust darts. They are such a bitch to figure out. I envy flat-chested people. I bought the yarn on sale last year and it was one of those sale moments. I've grown to like the yarn even though it's 70 Merino/ 30 acrylic. Gosh, I'm a fiber snob. I was looking forward to having a machine-washable sweater, but as it turns out, I'll have to hand wash it. Pooh. There's only about an inch knitted. I'm trying to finish a few small projects before I really jump in. We shall not mention the sock yarn sweater.
The spinning project I'm really looking forward to is for Mutti. She's going to make a cardigan! She ordered 2 lbs. of blue-faced leicester from Hello Yarn and 8 oz. merino/angora from Little Barn. She wants to dye it an obnoxious red/magenta. I'll be spinning it into a DK wt. 2 ply yarn. What!? No navajo plying? I can't wait to get my hands on this stuff. It's luscious.

I'm going on the South Sound Yarn Crawl this weekend with a bunch of ladies from Knit Night. I can't wait to go the the Spin and Knit Shop in Allyn. Fiber! We're going friday, saturday, and sunday. I'll be sure to post pictures of every day for you. Three posts in three days. Very unlike me.

Almost forgot: I started knitting Onerva yesterday. It's a beautimus pattern. I'm using BMFA Seduction (colorway: Lucy) which seducted at me all the way through it's plastic bag and 1 ft. of stash. Pretty seducting I'd say.


allisonmariecat said...

Lots of pretty stuff going on, yarn and weather and roving, oh my!

Hope you're having a nice spring!

turtlegirl76 said...

The spinning looks fantastic! I've never tried pencil roving. I've wanted to. I should try it.

Chris said...

It must be the week to post bleeding heart pictures! :)