Friday, April 11, 2008

These two things are certain

from top to bottom, left to right: Arucania Ranco, multy; Fancy Image Yarn, olive; Fancy Image Yarn, pinky; Pagewood Farms Denali, greens; Dream in Color, cool fire; Fancy Image Yarn, poiple

Anti-wip reduction resumed yesterday when I cast on for a new sweater. I'm using 5 skeins of lovely sock yarn, plus one medium-sized ball of leftover Dream In Color. Needle size: US 2. Gauge: 8 spi. Yep, I'm a nutter. Even the ladies at knit night think so. I've already cast on and finished the hem, but it's not much to look at yet. Pictures when I finish a little more. It will be a very nice sweater when it's finished. When it gets finished. If it gets finished. (It will).

Pagewood Denali, greens; FIY, poiple

I thought about using Grumperina's swirl idea, but it's a little too much with 8 different yarns. Good theory though. I chose a pattern from the Random Stripe Generator and I'm sort of going with that. I can't help it if I get a little lost on the way down the list and end up winging it instead, can I? This makes for very nice knitting since I just go with what color looks best next to the stripe I just finished. It promises to be mindless knitting, until I get to the armholes. The pattern is based on EZ's kangaroo pouch sweater from The Opinionated Knitter. Am I obsessed? Yes!! What could be better than an EZ sweater knit with lovely sock yarn and teeny Crystal Palace needles? It was being knit on 2 20" circs, but that's a little maddening when you have 8 strands of yarn to boot. 35" circs are on their way from Jimmy Bean's Wool along with a skein of LL's Shepherd Sock. Couldn't resist. Free shipping!
Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the Baby Surprise Jacket. Also mindless knitting (I seem to have a lot of that lately). Every time I pick this up I fall in love with the yarn again. It's my first hand spun sock yarn and, while it's far from perfect, it's very homey and comforting to knit with. I could spend hours gazing fondly at each garter bump. Perfect knitting for tax time.


turtlegirl76 said...

As crazy as a sweater on 2s may sound, it's gonna be pretty. I can't wait to see it grow. =)

Chris said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures as it progresses.

allisonmariecat said...

You are INSANE! I thought the sweater I knit for Matt on size 4 needles was bonkers, but you've passed me up. This sweater is going to rock!

PS--I looooove Jimmy Beans Wool :)

Stefaneener said...

It's going to be GREAT. I love the teeny-needle sweaters. Can't wait to see it.