Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lambs driving big cars into trees while eating cupcakes

Do you like chickens? Do you like cupcakes? Of course you do. Cupcake from Wagner's: the best bakery in Olympia. Aside from our house.
Now you see me... you don't.

Would you like a tree? How 'bout a lamb with your tree? Buy two trees, get one lamb free! Git your lambs and trees here, folks! I love reading The Olympian.

Why, yes, this was a mindless post. I have been knitting, but I'm knitting the same things I was knitting last week and nothing exciting has happened since then. I think I've completed about 4 rows on Laminaria, three tiers of Quant-ish, and a bunch of rows on some other stuff. The sock yarn sweater is c-r-a-w-l-i-n-g along.

Other things that happened that are slightly more exciting than my knitting:

-DJ visited yesterday and brought rhubarb pie for dessert.

-My aunt got rammed by an asshole driving an SUV. She's fine, but has contusions on her ribs. Big cars make people drive like JERKS.

-I got 4 ounces of Cormo locks in the mail and I'm waiting for the last ounce. I'm thinking scarf.


Stefaneener said...

My sister and i crack ourselves up by misreading things -- like "Fighting viruses" becomes "Fighting walruses," etc. But that's even better. Yews and usses.

Anyhow, nice with the locks and your aunt makes the FOURTH person I know in two weeks to get into an accident. Two close friends are lucky to be alive after their cars were hit. Sheesh. Tell her to hang in there.

Chris said...

I love seeing signs and ads like that. I still have to take pictures of the business that has "Credit Cards Excepted" on its sign...

Glad your aunt is ok! As someone who drives a wee car, I'm with Stefaneener.

allisonmariecat said...

Tee hee hee! You cracked me up today, and I'm all jet lagged and tired and I really needed it.

I'm glad your aunt is okay. I noticed a woman in a Hummer the other day who was completely oblivious to the other cars, and was thinking the same thing re: big cars and jerkiness.

D.J. said...

Good post! Silly Olympian. Your post reminded me of one of the "Sheep" kids books, specifically "Sheep in a Jeep." They have a little trouble with a tree, in addition to other things.