Thursday, April 03, 2008

FO: Pomatomus

Yarn: Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra, color: Bubblegum, 2 skeins
Needles: US 2
Started: Oct. 25, 2007
Finished: Apr. 2, 2008
I can't believe it! They're finally done! A weight has been lifted, a deadline reached passed by without a second glance. These socks were for Mutti's birthday, but I finished them 2 days after. Oh well. At least she got them the week of her birthday, right? Could have been worse. I really loved knitting these socks even though they started to annoy me after awhile. I think the only reason they annoyed me was because I had a deadline and because they weren't for me. The pattern is lots of fun to knit and, although I had to keep the chart in front of me to keep track of the rows, the pattern isn't too hard.

I'm moving on to my aunt's socks next. I have half of one sock done and hopefully I can have them completely finished by her birthday in May (HA!). After that I move on to my sister's socks. When will I get a pair of hand knit socks? I need some hand knit sock love. Someone knit me some socks!

I planted our bulbs and various other neglected plants on Tuesday. The gardens (and I use the term "gardens" very loosely) are really overgrown and a large space is being taken over by ferns and just recently, scotch broom. I'll be pulling that sucker out of there today. Evil scotch broom. There are two hydrangea shrubs though and I can't wait to see what color they are. I pruned the more-accessible one yesterday and found this extremely decomposed bloom. It's a hydrangea skeleton. The petals remind me of (dare I say it on a knitting blog?) moth wings. Plug your ears! Hide your yarn!

If you're interested, I'm over on Ravelry now. If you're not- sorry. It sucks to click on a link and not be able to see what the linker is linking to. It's really addicting, however. Even if you don't participate or post your projects I still recommend you join up, if only for the looking (your eyes will fall out of your head). I still love my Knitty, but with all Ravelry's patterns, yarn, and people... how can one resist?

I'm off to work on a hat.


allisonmariecat said...

They're gorgeous! I love the color with that pattern. And I can't believe they're really done. (Hey, if you get it done in the birthday MONTH, I think you're good. Matt's birthday socks are still OTN and they were due in Feb...)

turtlegirl76 said...

Oh wow. Those socks are freakin' awesome! I attempted them once and didn't finish a full repeat. Nicely done.