Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Goals

I know.
A post entitled "Spring Goals" with a picture of a plate of truffles does not bode well for my exersize plan. I needed something to tempt you into reading this post. It worked, didn't it? Never underestimate the power of chocolate*.
Onto the real subject matter of this post: Spring Knitting Goals. Ali at Skeins Her Way is having a contest. I clicked over there via Stumbling Over Chaos . I do love a contest. Especially if the prizes include yarn/chocolate/fiber. Here we go, my Spring Goals (capitalization is a must when you're talking about important things like Goals - and Chocolate).
I desperately want to finish Mutti's Pomatomus socks. They were supposed to be for her birthday, which is in 12 days (March 31). I really don't think I'll be able to rush-express them from the needles to her feets. I love the pattern and the yarn (and the Mutti), but ....I'm working on the Laminaria shawl. Maybe I can force myself to put down the green lace and pick up the pink lace. I've already ripped out the too short toe, but I haven't re-knit it yet. There's three more pattern repeats to knit for the second leg, too. Do you think I can do it if I knit day and night? I knit day and night anyway, but I'm saying if I knit day and night on these socks alone. Maybe I can make it. It'll be like the time I knit the Icarus Shawl for my sister's wedding and finished it the night before the ceremony. Not that Mutti's getting a ceremony for her birthday - although she deserves it- but you get the picture. Wish me luck on these.

This isn't a knitting project, per se, but it does have to do with knitting. This is Cindy. She's the llama lady, master gardener, would-be could-be super knitter and also a very good friend of mine. Before I start, do you see the scarf she's wearing? She knit that with my handspun BFL (this stuff). Isn't it beautimus? It's enough to make a spinner cry.

Anyway, Cindy began knitting a couple of years ago, but her knitting teacher sort of left her hanging, which is where I came in. Cindy already knew the basics, although they needed some refining so I taught her how to knit socks. From there she moved onto a hat, a felted bag, and her scarf. She has a couple of projects going now and they just keep getting more complicated. I may have, in my excitement, recommended Cat Bordhi's second book and Cindy bought it. She knit the first practice sock with only a little hiccup which was only an imaginary hiccup and now she's knitting the second practice sock (that is, the second First Practice Sock, not the first Second Practice Sock. Are you confused yet? Good.).

Moving on... last month she started the Clementine Shawl. I thought I acidentally pushed her into knitting this (yeah, that's right! I'm a pusher, damnit!), but she says I didn't, so technically I'm cleared of all charges. It's not her first lace project, mind you. Her first lace project was the magnificent scarf. She chose a beautiful merino/silk blend in a deep purple for Clementine, which, now that my powers of hindsight are oiled and running at full speed, was probably not the best choice. I should have recommended something lighter. She knit the little tassel jobby at the end with no problem and only a couple of questions which I sorted out right away. Then she got to the increases. She must have knit and ripped out the increase section about 5 or 6 times, and that's only the official count. I gave her all the help I could and wracked my brain trying to find new ways to explain the techniques. Finally, and with only a minimal amount of mistakes (which aren't visible thanks to the dark yarn) she got to the pattern repeat section. I haven't heard any complaints yet so she must be managing. My goals (yes, there is a point) are to get her smoothly through the shawl and increase her knitting confidence which is growing, but sometimes gets shattered by a sneaky stitch or tricky technique (double points for alliteration). Thankfully, Cindy has a great sense of humor and doesn't give up easily. Praise be to the knitting gods.

Those are my Knitting Goals. Not many, but certainly tenacious. Happy almost-Easter. Have a flower.

*By the way, those truffles are from Boehm's Chocolates in Poulsbo. The website says Issaquah, so they must be expanding. I'm not quite sure why you'd expand from the Seattle area to Poulsbo...


turtlegirl76 said...

OOoh the socks are pretty! You can do it! You can make the goal!

Chris said...

Mmmm... truffles... And work work work on those P socks! They are gorgeous, sproingy, pinkaliciousness.

allisonmariecat said...

Great goals! I was distracted into drooling by the truffles, but when I tuned back in, I was impressed :) Love the socks!

Stefaneener said...

Go socks! One of my goals is to exercise so much I can eat truffles. Mmmmmmm.