Sunday, March 16, 2008

Laminaria: Day 3

On the 4th chart repeat.

Can't. Stop.
Must. Knit.


Johnathon said...

Hey, my name is johnathon and i was wondering, Are you knitting in the back loop of the middle stitch? Because yours looks way more open than mine in the middle. And what size yarn and needles are you using. I an actually using Fortissima Colori Sock Yarn and size 5 needles but i think they are a bit small I might goto like an 8 for the lacier part when i get to the transition and the rest. what do you think of that idea? how long is yours for the first 30 rows? sorry for all of the questions Im just very new to chart knitting like this and it is my first shawl like this. Thanks for any help :) My email is Noodles(at)yahoo(dot)com

Stefaneener said...

So pretty!
It's such a great color, too, and will look stunning on you.

And yay! for working out. I've renewed my commitment and really appreciate it -- even though it's not "showing" yet. Keep it up. We can cheer each other.

allisonmariecat said...

Pretty, pretty! And the green is perfect for spring. Love it.

Congrats on working out! I can't wait till Lilah's in school and I can do more exercise than running up and down the stairs after her and walking to the post office :)