Wednesday, February 13, 2008

WIP pile status report

My WIP pile is shrinking.

It hasn't done that for 3 years. It's amazing!I finished some things that I can't remember right now because I'm trying to type this post in a hurry since I only have 00:06:50 minutes left. I resisted the leafy green shawl in the new IK (what the hell is it called!?) and I ripped back the shadow knitting sock even though I'm going to reknit it smaller and with fewer mistakes. I almost finished a felted bag. I just have to cut and sew a lining and dig up a zipper somewhere.

Donnie Joe (Can We just call You D? Really, all this name changing business.. pick one!), can you bring your hat that you knit with Fancy Image yarn to the next knit night? I want to take a picture of the color or write down the colors because I really love it. I must dye some fiber that color. It's all I can think about... okay, not entirely true, but I did think about it more often than, say, your shawl which does not smell in any way.

Oh, big news: Mutti finally started a patterned sock. It's from the first Charlene Schurch book, looks sort of like the Pomatomus socks I'm knitting for her, but it's not a twisted stich pattern. And guess what!? They're for me. Someone's finally knitting me socks. Admittedly, they're out of my yarn, but that's okay.


Stefaneener said...

Oh, good for you! Good for your mutti, also.

Hey, didn't we talk about you knitting me socks? What if I spin you some extra yarn?

allisonmariecat said...

Welcome back! It's nice to hear what you're up to.

I have a contest on my blog right now. It's time sensitive, because I'm looking for a quick knit so I can have an FO for February. One skein of Noro Silk Garden, and it needs to be something for Lilah. Free yarn from the stash if you win!