Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally, a post that isn't about spinning!

This week I've been knitting more than I've been spinning which is a change. After I finished the rainbow BFL I had to wind it into a ball and cast on for a hat. I couldn't help myself. It's a simple hat worked on US 2 dpns with a 2" 2x2 rib cuff and 12 row garter bumps alternating with 6 row stripes. It's mathy hat. A soft mathy hat, no less.

I started my Christmas knitting, too. These are socks for my sister. They're knit on US 1 dpns, with 80 sts around. The front 40 sts are a feather and fan panel bordered by two waving mock cables. The back 40 sts are 2x2 rib (gotta love the 2x2). The mock cable wasn't easy to photograph, but you can see it. They're fun to knit and mindess enough that I can take them with me on walks or in the car.
This will be the second pair of purple socks I've knit for her. Remember the first pair? She loves them, but doesn't wear them as often as I want her to. She's afraid of wearing holes in them. Mutti is knitting her another pair of purpley socks using Mountain Colors Bearfoot in the color Steelhead.
Last, but not least: another garter stitch scarf. Knit on US 4 circs using Fleece Artist Merino DK in the Nova Scotia colorway. This scarf is for Charles for Christmas. He doesn't wear the two pairs of socks or the hat I knit for him so I'm switching to simple manly things knit with lovely soft yarn. If he doesn't wear this one, I'm going to strangle him with it.
I was going to do a herringbone stitch pattern, but... I don't like knitting herringbone. Tough noogies.
I started spinning the angora, but I haven't worked on it for two days and there's a pitiful amount on the bobbin. Not worth showing off yet.
I'm patiently (okay, not really) waiting for three boxes: the alpaca from Canada (Still. Give it up already, Customs!), a package from my friend Cindy, and my yarny and baked good prize from Allison for forcing suggesting the Tussie-Mussie cardigan. Yay, goodies!

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turtlegirl76 said...

Those socks kick ass! Are you going to write up the pattern?