Monday, September 03, 2007

Wip pile? What wip pile?

117 yds handspun CMF Corriedale in Watermelon Tourmaline for Di
It's official now. I am obsessed with my new wheel. There was a tenuous moment there when the tension cord snapped, but some SuppleMax nylon line saved the day. I've spun two skeins of Merino/Yak sock yarn, one skein of worsted weight Corriedale for my sister (more of this stuff), and one skein of BFL sock yarn (this stuff). I have one more skein of the BFL to spin before I start on some more corriedale and some brown arty yarn for a(nother) teacozy.

328 yds hand-dyed hand spun Merino/Yak

I'm almost sorry to say my wip pile is being neglected. Almost. I did work on the Luxe Neck Warmer, but not for long before I was back on the wheel.

The merino/yak is my first navajo plied yarn. I spun two small samples before I spun a whole skein. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I'm navajo plying the bfl, too - it's my new favorite ply. It makes such a sturdy yarn and if you're plying a variegated yarn ... yum! It mixes the colors very well. It's much more interesting to spin than a regular two or three ply yarn.

Grandmother's teapot

Yesterday morning was chilly so I spent it inside doing, guess what? Yes, drinking tea and spinning. I made the first pot of tea this autumn and noticed something on the teapot. Can you see it on the far left side? It's a spinning wheel! I never even noticed that before.

In celebration of the wonderful, fiber friendly teapot I'm going to knit it a teacosy. If I can ever drag myself away from my wheel I'll knit my way through the rest of the patterns in Knit 2 Together.

Sunshine, comfy cushion, toy ball ... what more could a kitty want?

I went to Hellen's Needleworks on Saturday and bought some lovely sock yarn, but that's a post for another day. It was probably the yarn fumes from her shop that gave me the idea for the tension cord.

Allison sent my shrug out last week. She said the box was too big so she had to put some other things in there. I should get it on wednesday - hurrah!

I didnt forget about the stalker prize. I'm in the process of making it.


Stariel said...

I'm sad that you're neglecting your WIP pile!

allisonmariecat said...

Hmmm...on the one hand, I don't get to see pictures of your wips, which I always enjoy. On the other, I love watching your spinning. So it's a tough call :)

I was thinking of revisiting my coffee cozy since I'm in a small project place right now. The tea cozy looks adorable.