Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Practice makes perfect

I know I said I'd post yesterday, but I couldn't because I wasn't home. We drove to Tacoma yesterday and didn't get home until late last night (there are downfalls to having a 5 hour drive to anywhere).

On monday I spun, plied, washed, and dried my first wheel spun. Well, my first wheel spun on my wheel. It's just 2 oz. of merino wool dyed in a very light colorway. I used my new silvery grey along with some pale pink, and a little of my favorite purpley-brown-plum color.

I just used this roving to get used to the double drive and double treadle. It's a thick and thin yarn that varies from a DK weight to heavy worsted. You can tell it's handspun.

I love the double treadle much more than the single. You can treadle much slower. Instead of pumpingonefootintooblivion you can do a simple trot. We're... taking... our..... time.... and still getting the same amount of yarn just as quick! Haha!

I wound it into a center pull ball and wound it back onto itself to make 113 yds of skooshy yarn.
Yesterday morning I wound it into a ball and took it with me to Tacoma. I was going to make the simple wristers, but halfway down the cuff I realized there was no way I was going to get two wristers out of this yarn.

Thankfully I had bought myself a birthday present at Borders. I ripped out what I had knit of the cuff and cast on for the Luxe Neck Warmer.

I really love this book. Their writing is witty and there's not a pattern in here that I don't love to pieces and imagine knitting for myself. That's right. Myself. It's all about me. I'm in love with the Rowena cardigan. And the Hooded Scarf and the linen skirt... I could go on.

Right now I'm working on a sample card for the merino/yak. I'm going to spin it into a Navajo plied sock yarn for Mutti. She was unhappy with the STR Little Bunny Foo-Foo that she got (not enough pink) so I dyed the roving for her last year and put it in the queue. It miraculously jumped to the front of the queue and got predrafted this morning. I'll show off my Navajo plying attempts and some of the spun singles another day.

I'm excited sbout getting my shrug from Allison. She says it's almost done! I can't wait to wear it. The weather is slowly turning colder here. I hate when it takes it's time like that. September is one of those months that has hotter than hell days and cold, nippy nights. Make up your damn mind! Be hot or be cold, but don't be both! A shrug will come in handy. It'll be better than hauling around a cardigan. They take up too much room in my knit bag.

I'm off to spin. I posted more photos of the wheel and my my first wheelspun on my Flickr page.


Sachi said...

Yay! Good job! That looks so yummy and squishy. I just want to eat it up!

Zonda said...

Looking good!

allisonmariecat said...

Ooh, skooshy yarn, nice! Looks lovely.

The shrug is on its way! Yay!