Monday, June 11, 2007

The Yo-Yo Diet

Ah yes, the cast on diet. Some of you have been there before. I certainly have. Maybe you remember me saying that I wouldn't cast on anything new until all these projects were finished. I probably said it a lot. But this time it's for real. Stop laughing. I mean it. Along with a bunch of brave Knitties, I'm not casting on anything else. The last thing I cast on for was a baby sweater and that was last month (it helps that it's the beginning of the month). Stariel's kilt hose are on the brink of being finished (halfway done ...same thing) and I even dug out my Clementine shawlette when I had a hankering for lace and almost cast on for another shawl*. Granted, it's not really the same because it's worsted weight yarn and everyone knows that a really good lace hankering can only be taken care of with the finest lace weight, a good set of needles, and a gorgeous shawl or scarf pattern, but it'll have to do.

While I was mulling over returning to the cast on diet I counted all my wips in my head: the sweater, those neat wristers, some socks... I couldn't even remember all my projects. I was sure I had about twenty. I went into my room, pulled out the box that I packed all my wips in (yes, they fit in a moving box!), pulled it over to the computer desk, and opened it. No moths came out (thank god), probably because I encased everything in heavy-duty ziploc bags. I got myself a notepad and a pen and began counting. I wrote down each project, it's recepient, and it's state of progress. For the record, here is the list. It's going in my sidebar and as I finish things I'll cross them off like such: Mittens for Di.

The WIP List

-Highland Schottische Kilt Hose for Stariel: technically these were for the first round of the Sock Swap, but we both took a little longer than usual because we're swapping handspun socks so now we're swapping "just because" socks. Progress: One sock down, one to go.

-Jaywalkers for myself: This was a moment of weakness. I got the BMFA Fire On The Mountain in the mail and I started them right away. Progress: I'm almost to the toe of the first sock.

-Clementine Shawl: Fell in love with the pattern and the yarn I bought (Sublime). Should finish this soon because I pick it up when I have a hankering for lace - which happens a lot. I want to wear it by fall. Progress: Almost halfway done.

-Placket-neck sweater for my sister's yet-to-be-conceived baby: In the thrill of Making Things for Other People (!!!) I decided to knit a spree of baby things for my favorite appreciator of handknits. Why the H*** didn't I knit this thing top-down instead of following the directions? I'm changing the pattern to a yoke instead of seaming the sleeves on after. Progress: The body of the sweater is done.

-Handspun wool kerchief: leftover orange you glad handspun + moment of weakness = you know what. Progress: about 8" knit. I've been working on this in the evening when my brain can't handle tricky knitting.

-Adrian's mushroom pulse warmers: love these to death. Thankfully I cast on both of them at the same time with a steek between to avoid seconditis. Progress: Done with both but have to do the "finishing touches" (button bands & buttons).

-Another Kitty Pi - Does it really need any explaining? Progress: almost done.

-V-neck sweater from Erika Knight's Classic Knits: Love it! Would ideally like to wear this before fall rolls around, but we'll see... Progress: Back and 6" of one sleeve done.

-Tank top from One Skein: Blah. Frog pond.

-Log Cabin Blanket: Not sure if I'm going to cast off on this and give it to my sister as a baby blanket or make it larger and keep it for myself. Progress: It's the size of a largish lap blanket.

-Doll skirt: *ribbit*

-Felted wristers: not technically knitting, but still in my wip pile. Progress: Finished with one, have yet to bead and embroider the lefty.

-Felted embroidery needle case for Sis: She loves mine so I said I'd make her one. Progress: have to finish embroidering and sewing this one.

-Half-herringbone fagot lace scarf (from H***)for brother-in-law's mom: Was supposed to be last year's Xmas gift, but well....yeah. Progress: Halfway done.

Hey! Fourteen WIPs, not too bad.


And now let me explain why the cast on diet isn't going to work (again): The Knitty Sock Swap, Part Two. I just can't stay away.

Apparently the trend for this swap is knee socks. I've gotten myself addicted to knitting them, so my partner, Bryghtrose, and I decided to swap knee socks. Oh yeah, the whole enchilada (Ai ai!). Now it seems like we've gotten everyone else hooked on knee socks too. Maybe the third installment of the sock swap should be The Knitty Sock Swap: A Knees Up for Knitters.

For the Knitties who are swapping socks, I've made three buttons (because every swap needs a button) for you to chose from. Post them on your sidebar to proclaim your level of sockyness. I must go and buy yarn for Bryghtrose's socks, but I'll leave you with pictures of Newhalem, as requested by some. The top picture is a photograph of Ladder Creek Falls and the bottom picture is a photo of Newhalem being obscurred by a large tree.

*Speaking of shawls, I looked through the book Victorian Lace yesterday at B&N. Oh my god! I want that book! Heaven!


Stefaneener said...

The shawl siren -- I can't wait to show you the handpaint silk I made that now I must figure out how to spin into some kind of workable laceweight single for some kind of lace. Ha. You? You could do it. I'm not so sure I can.

anna said...

i love the knittyboard sock swap buttons. i plan on adding mine to my sidebar asap! thanks so much. :-D

Rain said...

Apart from the socks I hope your cast on diet goes to plan. You have plenty there to keep you busy.