Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Siesta Stir-fry


1 c. white rice
1 lg. yellow onion, sliced
1 lb. pork (pork chops work best)
¼ c. peas
¼ c. corn
2 T. red pepper, minced

¼ c. soy sauce
1 T. brown mustard
1 T. honey
1 tsp. fish sauce
1 T. Rosa’s Sweetened Lime Juice (lime juice mixed with a sugar syrup will work as an alternative)
¼ c. soy sauce

Spice mix:
1 tsp. ground cumin
¼ tsp. dried orange peel, ground
Pinch of marjoram
Freshly ground pepper


Cook the rice and set aside.

Over medium-low heat sauté the onions until golden brown. Add the pork and the sauce and cover until pork is cooked. Add the corn, peas, and red pepper, stirring until combined. Cover and cook for 5 mins. Add the spices and stir to combine. Serve over hot rice.

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