Wednesday, June 27, 2007

One down, fourteen to go...

After working on two pairs of knee high socks for the past month my brain is on strike. I've finished one of the kilt hose for Stariel and I'm halfway done with one of the surprise knee socks for Bryghtrose (which, may I add, are an awesome original pattern by moi - oh look, she's modest, too). That is, halfway done after I ripped out the same three inches five times in a row. Don't worry, everything's better now. All my knee sock problems are solved.
Lately I've been working on my mindless project: the kerchief from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I'm using the leftover orange merino handspun. No, it's not gorgeous, but I can work on it without looking and it will serve me well when chilly weather rears it's head in late august.
Plus, I love the rather ingenius edging that isn't lace, but gives the appearance of a little scallop.
Since all this sock knitting has gotten to me (did you see me twitch just then?) I'm going to dig out a wip that is almost done and just needs some finshing touches - the amazing mushroom pulse warmers. One of them needs another buttonband and the other one needs the back panel and buttonbands. I added a plain St st back panel to keep the floats from catching on things like my fingers and my ring. Next time you hear from me my brain will be back in line, I'll have a spanking new pair of wristwarmers, and I'll be one-wip-down.

P.S. On this day next month I'll be twenty-one! Woo! It turns out that I share a b-day with Confucius, Lyndon Johnson, Mother Theresa, and PeeWee Herman (not so sure I want to lay claim to that last one...). Yes, I looked it up on Wikipedia. I know some of you hate that site, but why can't we all just get along?

~If you haven't heard about it check out Skeins Her Way. She's having a contest. The winner will receive (what else?) yarn! ~


Rain said...

People don't like wiki? It rocks.

sometimes I think you have to switch off and just knit, I'm not surprised you'll all socked out with so many on the go.

cathy said...

I like wikipedia for what it is. When I'm very bored at work, I read random wiki articles. I've learned so much useless info.

I love the handspun you're using for the kerchief. It's so pretty.

Suse said...

Oy vey, you're so very young.

And re the neopolitan Trekking 126, I read somewhere that due to popular demand they re-released the colourway, although in very limited quantities. Smart marketing eh?

Love that orangey homespun stuff you have.

allisonmariecat said...

Wow, I feel old :)

The colors on your handspun are lovely. Very cheery in a subdued, autumn kind of way. Mindless knitting is always nice to have around.