Monday, June 04, 2007

New pattern

I've (finally) added a new pattern to the patterns page. It's been forever since I've added a new one, I know. I made these ribbed armwarmers for my sister as a Christmas gift last year. She loves them. She wears them under her mittens in the fall and winter while walking her dog. The ribbing is pretty stretchy so it'll fit any adult you knit it for: your husband/wife or Hulk. The Regia Silk is more than appropriate for wearing against your sensitive inner arm skin. The armwarmer reaches all the way from your elbow to your knuckles, but you can, of course, shorten it if you prefer.
I had a slight problem with color bleeding with this yarn, but I've had that problem with all silk or silk blends I've worked with so I wasn't too surprised. To stop the bleeding, wash it in cold with a splash of vinegar or soda ash. You could also use other suitable mordants, but I've had the best luck with these two.
If you knit these, let me know. I'd love to see them!


Zonda said...

Nice work there! Thanks for the pattern! :)

elizabeth marley said...

Those look cute. I'll definitely have to make a pair as a Holiday gift.

Sarah said...

Nice armwarmers! I'm putting em on my list.

The Wedding Icarus is gorgeous, good job!

The scarf that you commented on on my blog today...that's the handspun Coopworth Laceweight that I blogged about a week and a half ago? I dyed the locks, then just looks all ramen-y cause it's unblocked lace!

snowdrop said...

Lovely! I'll be knitting up some these!
Thanks for the nice comment on my lotus bag, by the way!