Saturday, June 02, 2007

Happily Ever After

My sister got married last saturday to the man she's been living with for a year and a half. It's surprising how short the actual ceremony is compared to the lifetime she'll be spending with her hubby. The wedding was a blast* and my feet and calves hurt for days afterward (they still twinge a bit) from the heels I wore. It turns out that the damn strap wouldn't stay up so I was basically wearing high-heeled flip-flops. Yowch. Anyway, onto happier things.

The happy couple left for their honeymoon the morning after the wedding. They went on an Alaskan cruise! My sister called yesterday (unfortunately while I was out walking the dog) and said they were having a great time and that she didn't want to go home! I don't blame her at all. Who would want to leave? Free room service, yoga classes every morning, excellent views, the Mendenhall Glacier... I'd want to stay, too.

I finally finished Icarus the evening before the wedding. I washed it at the hotel, wrapped it up in a towel, and blocked it at my sister's house overnight. In the morning when I unpinned it and showed it to her she decided to wear it in place of the store-bought shawl. I was ecstatic, to say the least. My first shawl! At a wedding! Joy! I'm very motivated to start another shawl right away, but I won't let Startitis overcome me. I'm must finish some things!

I already started a baby sweater for my sister's yet-to-be-conceived baby. I figure I had better start now if I want their future child to be properly clothed in handknits. Right now I've got the Placket-neck sweater otn knit with Bernat Cottontots in periwinkle. I'm trying to keep the colors gender neutral until I know what it's going to be, but I am amazed at the mass amounts of pink yarn I've been finding in my stash. Where did all this pink come from? She'd better have a girl.

I'm also working on the Scottishe Kilt Hose for Stariel. I'm halfway down the leg of the first sock. The pattern is going faster than I expected. I'm working it on two circs. This is the first thing I've knit using two circs and I'm enjoying it mightily. No pictures until they're finished and received by Stariel. Technically they're swap socks, but I'm a little late because of the move, the wedding shawl (and the wedding), and the enormity of the project. May I also say that I love working with my handspun yarn? It makes me feel so independent, in a yarny sort of way. "I don't need to buy your expensive yarn. I can make my own!"

You're probably wondering why I skipped right over talking about the move, but really, what is there to talk about? The house is a step down from our old home. We had a hard time finding places for all our bookshelves and books. In our old home there was a set-in bookcase so we had to compensate for that by buying two new bookcases. My queen-sized bed barely fit into my new room. It's a good thing I don't spend lots of time in there aside from sleeping. The view makes up for the lack of space. It's breathtaking. It's like living in a national park (the Olympia National Park isn't very far from here, actually). We live right smack dab next to the Skagit River and down river from the hydro-electric Rainbow Gorge dam. There's three dams in a row: Rainbow Gorge, then above that: Diablo Dam, then above that one: Ross dam. I had some great pictures of water spilling over the dam from last night, but someone wanted to load the pictures onto his computer and he deleted them from the camera! I'll post them as soon as I retrieve them.

Before I go to walk la dog (watching Toby while my sister's honeymooning) I have one more thing to say: I'm getting a knitting machine! Neener neener neener!

*Check out my Flickr page for more wedding photos and also a yawning alpaca.


Zonda said...

Congratulations to your sister.

Your Icarus is beautiful! So glad you finished it in time!

LilKnitter said...

That shawl is so...airy! It's beautifully sheer.

I'm knitting kilt hose as well! Are you knitting a particular pattern or developing it yourself? My latest hose post is here:

Congratulations on your sister's wedding and your move!

allisonmariecat said...

Yay! Welcome back. I've missed your posts, especially about your handspuns, which I always find inspiring.

Icarus is stunning. What great timing!

Sorry about the downsides of moving. At least there are compensations for the small space. I can't wait to see pictures of your view.

snowdrop said...

The shawl is GORGEOUS! Wow!
I started an Icarus a while ago, but was sidetracked by?... What else, socks!
Again, your sister's shawl is amazing...

anna said...

your sister looks gorgeous and very happy! congrats to her! :-D