Saturday, March 17, 2007

Llama Love

We've been packing up boxes like crazy all this week and I forgot to post pictures of the llamas, so here we go. This is Rhubarb, one of Cindy's llamas. I watched them for her while she went on a skiing trip with her hubby last week. They've now associated my coming with carrots so they've warmed up considerably. Llamas are not naturally very sociable creatures.

Rhubarb is my favorite. He's the most curious and friendly of the llamas and hasn't spit on me even once. He's always the first to the gate to check for treats.

This is Bandeeto, the king of the llama herd. He's the alpha llama and he won't let you forget it. It's ears back and teeth bared just about every second. This is the only photo I got of him with his ears perked up. He's spit on me a couple of times (not an experience I want to repeat) and he saunters up to the gate after everyone else and doles out a few spit gobs and nips to the rear. He's general monitor of carrot distribution.

This is Sunny. He's the bottom of the totem pole. He's very sweet and very shy. He never comes up to investigate, just stands back and watches while everyone else gets the treats. I kind of feel bad for him because he's always the one Bandeeto bites the hardest. Poor little guy. He does do this really cute thing when I fill up their water bowl though. He'll follow me to the water pump and watch the bowl fill up. Once it's about halfway full he sticks his head through the jet of water and starts to drink as fast as he can from the bowl.

There are two other llamas, Paco and Chili. Paco's the second-last llama on the totem pole and Chili comes just above him. Rhubarb is next followed by Bandeeto. I couldn't get a close-up of Paco or Chili. They were both more interested in the new growth of grass in the pasture.

I have a couple of pounds of llama fiber to spin from these guys. I have some nice roving that Cindy gave to me (she doesn't spin anymore) and some raw fiber that I have to wash and card. I've got about 8 oz. of fiber from Sunny, who likes to be brushed. It's a gorgeous silky black with speckles of dark grey on the hairs. I'd take a picture, but I haven't washed it yet and it's sort of grimy.

In other fiber news I finished one bobbin of the orange you glad singles. I haven't begun the second bobbin. I'm not going to start it until I spin a bobbin full of the purple corriedale for my sister's sweater. I love how the colors came out on this last layer. Almost like a row of crayola crayons.

I cast on for Stariel's kilt hose about 10 times before I got the stitch count right. I have one-and-a-half pattern repeats knitted right now. I haven't had to use markers for anything in awhile which either means that I'm a good knitter (which I'd like to think is the case) or I'm knitting really easy projects and should probably gaslight myself a bit by choosing some trickier projects to knit. Anyway, here's a teaser of the cuff. I'm really liking how this diamond pattern is turning out. The yarn is variegated, but when it's knit it looks more like a tweedy yarn.

I've been tackling the wip pile with renewed vengeance. My green wristers are finished and I started a pair out of STR mediumweight in Apple Valley Rd. (light and dark variegated pink) for my mom. My sister will also be getting a pair knit out of some leftover light and dark blue Odyssey merino wool. I'll post the pattern in the pattern section soon. I have a few others to post along with it. The wrister pattern is super easy. It uses DK weight wool and US 3 (3.00 mm) dpns. You could probably finish a pair in a day or two.

I've been working on an ancient wip, too. Remember Chloe's scarf? It's the Half-herringbone Faggot stitch scarf knit out of lilac Zephyr Jagger spun silk-wool. I now have a two foot scarf. I started it last Christmas and stopped working on it in January. Last night I picked it back up just so I could finish the damn thing. I hate it!!

I've been working on the Clementine shawl quite a bit. I love this shawl! It's more of a stole, really, if you want to get picky. I brought it over to my sister's house last week to work on and she spent most of the day admiring and petting it. She really likes it. Now I'm flim-flamming over whether or not I want to give it to her as a pre-wedding gift or keep it for myself. I really don't know. I'll probably end up keeping it, but now I have guilt.

I have to get back on the sweater train. The back is sooo close to being done. I got stuck in the black armhole of knitting. It's an eight inch armhole and it's taking forever. I think once I finish the back I'll take a break and knit a sleeve.

That's about it really. I taped up my stash box yesterday. *sob* It was painful. I though about unpacking all my yarn and packing it in cardboard boxes, but then I thought "What's the point of unpacking all your yarn when it's already in a box?" Plus, I didn't want it to smell of cardboard. I've packed up all of my knick-knacks and most of my pictures are wrapped in bubble wrap and packing paper.

I'm off to pack some more and see if I can squeeze in a little spinning here and there.


Zonda said...

Awww the Alpaca's are too cute! The bobbin-full-o-handspun is very colorful!! The kilt hose are looking good!!

Rain said...

There's something about llamas that always makes me smile.

The kilt hose look wonderful so far.

allisonmariecat said...

I loved the llama stories.

Gorgeous kilt hose. Lovely pattern, great colors. Excellent wip progress. That reminds me I need to work on my own wips, though...