Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Today is not a day for posting, but I just thought I'd drop in and talk about knitting for a bit.

I've been working pretty exlusively on things for me ever since I finished Stariel's socks. The back of my V-neck sweater is just about finished and I almost have another pair of socks for me (CTH, Old Rose). Actually I almost have three new pairs of socks. The pair I'm knitting, the pair my mom's knitting for me, and the socks I'll be getting soon from Stariel. Hurrah!!
Speaking of Stariel, I've finished the first bobbin of singles for her handspun socks. I've cleared a hurdle with this first bobbin. My spinning has switched over from too tight to just right. The weight of the yarn will probably resemble Trekking XXL. I've spun so much laceweight that I have to really work to spin anything thicker. I have had some practice with spinning thicker yarn when I spun the raw wool for my dad's slipper socks, but that's about all the practice I've had.

Off to do some more spinning. I plan on staying inside all day today. The weather has gone insane here. First pouring rain, then clear skies, then hail, now more rain. Get a grip!

ETA: Just looked out the window and saw that my daffodils have sprung up seemingly overnight. Maybe I will go out today. I need to dig them up before they start blooming.

What? You thought I'd leave my precious daffodils here for the new owners? Bah!


Anna said...

I was working in Tacoma on Tuesday and the rain was crazy at time! This summer should definitely be interesting.

That's some beautiful handspun by the way. I loooveeee that blue. Got any purple/pink roving? :-p

Rain said...

Socks all round!

The yarn looks lovely.

allisonmariecat said...

Your spinning looks amazing. It has been so cool to watch your progress. Maybe it's time for an etsy shop? :)

kent said...

Nice yarn and colorway! It has those nice saturated cornflower/hydrangea blues in it :)