Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hooray for Spring

I got the new IK in the mail today! I love the new layout. It looks much cleaner than the old format. It seems like every issue they have more and more patterns, doesn't it? The mag's going to be a knitting bible soon. Not that I'm complaining. The more the merrier.

Had to have the "Looking-Through-THE-Magazine" ceremony: make a cup of tea (no rushing allowed), have a cupcake, sit down, take my time flipping through. Read every article, no skipping right to the patterns. That's cheating.

I like most of the patterns except for the v-neck tanks. Not really my type of design. I love that they have more small projects: socks, bags, pillows, etc.

I especially love this shawlette. I'll definitely have to knit this. I can't seem to motivate myself to knit a huge laceweight shawl so why not a small DK or fingering wt. one?
This bag. Love it. I already have a knitting bag, but you can never have too many.

I'm thinking this would make a perfect summertime tank for lounging around the yard* drinking V&Ts or Sangria. Bring out the hammock.

These socks!! I love these socks! I always eyeball the entrelac socks in SKS, but these are even better. No funny entrelac toe - short row, in fact. I love short row toes and heels. *sigh* Must knit these socks asap. Also loving the tassels. Socks with tassels. Who'da thunk it? Eunny, that's who. Girl's a knitting genius.

I'm off to do some sewing. I rarely sew, but I need to make myself something very useful. Why buy it? Pictures later. Maybe tomorrow.

Haven't finished any wips. Still working on Stariel's socks and handspun. Almost to the toe ...almost to the second bobbin. Almost almost.

*Does it say anything about me if I told you that the first time I meant to type 'yard' I typed 'yarn'? Sheesh.


Sachi said...

Oooooo, I gotta go get it. I lete my subscription lapse. Dammit!

I, too, must have those socks.

Rain said...

I love the ritual of sitting down with a new knitting mag with a cuppa for a really good look through it.

sgeddes said...

I have a little ritual too when the magazine comes.

There were some nice things in this months edition - but I'm not sure on the new layout yet.