Sunday, January 28, 2007

Melon Madness!!!

It only took me 6 months, but I'm finally done with the handtowel from Mason-Dixon. I'm calling it the Melon Madness Handtowel. Melon for the color and Madness for what it's done to me. It's for my aunt and since it took me forever, she'll be getting it for her birthday in May. Until then it gets to while away it's time in a Ziploc bag. Good riddance. Here's a full length picture.
Remember these mittens? Or rather this mitten? I'm not sure if I ever posted about it. It's a lined mitten for my sister. She'll be getting two eventually. I'm using my handspun (this stuff) and some Cheviot x Dorset (dark blue) that's quite thick 'n' thin. I still have to spin the rest of the blue so I'm betting that the second mitten will look loads neater than the first. I doubt Di will care though. I'll also be knitting the cuff out of the blue since it's quite a bit softer than the pink. Di will be geting these for her birthday in October. When I finish these mitts they'll join the handtowel in the Ziploc bag. Keep it company. (note: the blue half gets pushed up inside the pink which is ever so slightly larger. I may also felt the mittens just a little bit).
I am re-doing the pink decreases right now. They're crooked so I ripped them out and I'm re-knitting the decreases as a five-star decrease. The blue is finished, I just have to knit the thumb. After my late night nite slice of cake, I stayed up a bit and knitted in bed which wasn't a mistake until I woke up at 6 am to let the dog out and saw that I forgot about a needle, fell asleep on top of it, and broke it when I got up in a hurry to let the dog out. Hooray. It's a Susanne's Rosewood, too. :( I'm going to email the woman I bought it from and see if she won't send me a replacement out of the goodness of her heart. She sent me a replacement last time so I'm hoping I can get another.

My sister intended this cardigan to be a Christmas gift for me, but it got lost in the mail. L.L. Bean sent another one out and my sister got it this week along with the one that got lost in the mail. Now I have mine and she has one, too! It's cotton, but since it's colorwork, there's two layers making it a very warm cardigan. It takes forever (2 days) to dry.
I have been working on my sock partners socks, but I had a wip knitting spree last night. I want to finish Di's mittens so I can get them off the coffee table.

In case you couldn't tell from the pictures before, Toby is here! My sister and her fiancee went to Wenatchee (sp?) for the weekend and we offered to watch Toby in lieu of kenneling him up. He's having fun here running around our expansive yard (compared to their 20-footer) and being fed things he should not eat. I have an 'S' on my forehead.

Mom and I are going to the Madrona Fiber Arts deal today. I'll post my fiber haul when I get back.


Stefaneener said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear about it.

allisonmariecat said...

Very pretty mitten. Wow, lining them is like knitting four mittens instead of two. It must be so satisfying to knit with your own handspun.

I love the melon theme of your handtowel. Very cheery.