Sunday, January 14, 2007

A good day to dye

I haven't really posted any spinning and dyeing for awhile so here goes. On thursday I had a dyeing day. I dyed 4 oz of 50/50 merino/angora (the stuff I got from my sister). I dyed half of it a variegated purple and brown and the other half a variegated green. I'm spinning the green right now and it's a joy. I left some white in to lighten up the color and it's spinning up into the color of spearmint gum. I'll post a picture of it on my spindle in my next post. Here's the purple/brown roving: and the green:
If you want to see my dyeing method you can see some pictures on my Flickr account. There's step-by-step pictures on the first and second page.
I also spun some Ile de France x Dorset last week. I wanted to branch out my spinning "skillz" (yo) so I used the Andean method of plying:I like it a lot. I can't see plying a huge amount of yarn this way, but it works for the smaller amounts I get off my spindles. I plied two skeins. One came out 45 yds and another was 76. Here's what the finished yarn looks like:
I've got a few (hundred) more pictures, but had no room to post them here.
I've started this sweater from Classic Knits by Erika Knight. It's a great book with 15 gorgeous, but simple (i.e.: classic) patterns. I'm using this yarn. The purple is for the cuffs and the brown is for the body and sleeves.
Trish (koalapom on Knitty Coffeeshop) gave me a TON of roving. Light blue and mauve. Among other things, Trish showed me how to do a Russian Join. It's so fun. I've been taking all the knots out of my yarn and Russian joining them.
I've got a million pairs of socks otn right now. I think I might crack at any moment.
So, I leave you with a picture of Kami the Charming Kitty batting at my tea bag. Yes, I did drink the tea afterwards. It was good.


Rain said...

She was just stirring it for you.

The yarn looks lovely and I really like the dye job on the roving.

I like the sweater you chose, I need to make more classic and practical ones like taht.

allisonmariecat said...

I love following your spinning and dyeing adventures! You have some beautiful colors there, and the pink is stunning!

Haha! Geronimo used to enjoy tipping over our water glasses and drinking the "free range" water as it dripped off the table. We think nothing of eating/drinking after our cats. It was nice of Kami to help you out :)