Friday, December 01, 2006

What's Next

I thought this was pretty amazing. Shouldn't we all be thankful for doctors and scientists who are willing to test boundaries and cross a few lines to further medical knowledge?
Knitting news:
I had to rip out the blue Trekking sock for Josh because I screwed up the stitch count. When I knit with US 1 dpns (as I was with this sock) I increase the number of stitches from my usual 64 to 80 to make the sock fit because 64 stitches would be too tight. When I knit with US 2 dpns I cast on 64 stitches which makes a well-fitted sock. I accidently cast on 64 stitches with US 1 dpns and proceeded to knit the entire sock without noticing my mistake. After I kitchenered, I took a closer look and saw how skinny the sock was. Duh. I really think I deserve a medal of some sort. So, I ripped the whole damn sock out. I got so fed up I just had to put down the Trekking and work on my second CTH sock. Argh.
I finished the armwarmers -well, I guess you'd actually call them gauntlets- for my sister. They're knit out of burgundy Regia Silk (yummy!) using my own pattern. I may post it here. They're K2, P2 rib with some pretty spiffy shaping if I may say so. They begin (or end) almost at the elbow all the way to the second set of knuckles. The thumb is in K1, P1 rib which makes sense once you see the pattern/a picture.
Everything else has been going pretty slow. I did finish the first Broadstreet Mitten (sans mitten shell) for my dad. I began the second one on the 28th, but haven't touched it since the blue Trekking sock incident. He'll be getting them before Christmas 'cause it be's damn cold up in Newhalem.
By the way, has anyone else's spotted the pure knitting genius of Eunny Jang? I love her Endpaper Mitts and colorwork mittens!


Sarah said...

bummer about the sock!

Hope that it works out better this time!

Zonda said...

Sorry to hear others have been frogging this week too! Hope you can find a pattern that'll work!

Anonymous said...

If I had any artistic ability at all, I would design and e-mail you a medal :) An entire

I hope Max is doing well.

Rain said...

What a shame about the sock.

Your sister's gauntlets sound fantastic, I can't wait to see a picture.