Sunday, December 31, 2006

Snap Happy

I'm baaack! Didja miss me?
My family and I went on a little after Christmas vacation to August Inn on Anderson Island. It wasn't the best vacation, but it was nice to just relax after the craze of the holiday. We walked on the beach, collected some shells, watched the seals play at dusk, took Toby for many many walks, and sat around playing dominoes, tossing back a few drinks, and knitting.

I took a few pictures of the island with MY NEW CAMERA! Yes! I got one for Christmas from my dad. What a saint. It's an Olympus Stylus 710. Small, thin, sleek - it's a camera (my main requirement).

It was nice to come home though. After spending two days at my sister's house then three days at the inn, I just wanted my own bed. Plus, I had only brought one knitting project - a pair of vanilla socks- and the miles and miles of were beginning to wear on my brain.

I did get some good shells. I finally found, after years of searching, an entire conch shell. It's smaller than those behemoths you can buy at any craft store, but it's whole and I found it on a beach, not a craft store shelf. I'll subject you to pictures in my next post.

I have finished a few things. I plied, washed, and dried 1 small skein of angora laceweight for my sister. I have come to hate spinning angora. It's the DEVIL. Gorgeous, but the DEVIL. There's lots more to spin too and, damnit, I'm going to finish it all. I'm taking a small break from it by finishing the last of the merino/silk. I found a few small balls of roving I'd forgotten to spin so I'm going to finish that before I plunge back into the angora. The merino/silk is a dream compared to the angora. I could do it with my eyes closed. Here's some pictures of the angora. All soft and pretty and ever-so-slightly-shiny. Revel. Even though I hate spinning it, I'm actually quite proud of how well this turned out. It's a perfect laceweight: 37 wpi, almost cobweb. I don't know what my sister's going to use this for but it had better be good. Maybe that new scarf on Knitty. The lacy argyle one.

I knit my first short row heel on a pair of socks I gave to Charles for Christmas. I wasn't able to get a picture. They're knit out of blue Regia on US 2 dpns. Cuff down construction. I'm already working on another pair exactly like them for our family friend, Josh. He's been bugging me since June for a pair of socks. His wife, Kris, who's one of the most wonderful people I know, is also getting a pair. Both pairs of socks are knit with Trekking XXL. Josh get s a dark blue var. (color # 78, I think) and Kris' is purple/brown/white/pink var.

If you want to see more pictures from Anderson is. just go to my Flickr account. Check out the Merino/angora and Corriedale roving my sister got me for Christmas. These babies are for me!

I have a ceiling to paint, but I couldn't let you go without showing you this picture of the Toad being a mooch. He's so good at it.

You can't eat that whole sandwich.


Rain said...

Happy New Year!

I know a little somebody like Toad, they make you feel so guilty.

Stefaneener said...

Lotsa socks! Vacation sounds great; it's wonderful to be home -- where all the yarn is.

snowdrop said...

Your trip reads and looks like it was great! And a camera!
And that angora is GORGEOUS! I hope I get matched up with you for the Knittyboard sock exchange! Handspun sock yarn?!
I haven't worked my way up to anything so fine yet!

Abigale said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful angora - wow! Sounds like such a lovely vacation! So glad you got a camera of your own. Can't wait to see more.

allisonmariecat said...

Beautiful angora! Wow.

The Toad is such a cutie :)