Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Feet

(Before you say it: Yes, I know that's the name of that new movie, but they didn't coin the term so get off my back - it's the wine talking, people.)
Look! Socks for me! Trish (Koalapom on Knitty Coffeeshop) knitted me a pair of socks! I sent her a skein of Opal that I was flim-flamming on and she knit these up for me. They have cuffs longer than 6" -- my usual wimp-out point and the best part: I didn't knit them. I don't mean to sound like a martyr here, but no one ever knits me anything and I'm always knitting things for people. To give you an idea of how few things I knit for myself (like you don't already know - how many projects have you seen on this blog that are for moi?) look at the last post. Nothing about knitting. This year I've knit 3 1/2 things for me. A hat, and two and a half pairs of socks.

My Christmas knitting is almost done. I finished my dad's Broadstreet Mittens; my mom's merino/angora wristers (which she got early and adores!); my sister's Regia Silk long armwarmers; and my aunt's scarf (don't talk to me about handtowels). I'm working on a pair of plain ol' blue Regia socks for Charles and a Jaeger wool-silk Half-Herringbone Faggot Stitch lace scarf for his Mom, Chloe (insert umlauts over 'e'). The socks should be done soon because they're stockinette with a 2" ribbed cuff. The scarf equally so because the entire stitch pattern is: *K1, yo, k2 tog; rep from *. Whew. I'm not getting too comforatable though. Christmas is sneaking up on me. Yesterday I finally looked up from my knitting and saw that "Damn! It's already the 19th!?" Eeek!

We're not getting a tree this year because we're celebrating Christmas at my sister's house. Charles is deathly allergic to cats (one tick against him in my book) so he can't even visit our house. I'll probably hang my ornaments on their tree because Di really doesn't have that many ornaments and Charles lost all his back in the early 70s. We've both been making holiday cookies. I made gingerbread, Di made Mexican wedding cakes, mom is making Potika, and mom and I are making Biarritz. We're not going overboard like we usually do because we don't really need the cookies and Charles and his mom eat like a couple of birds no matter how much food we shove at them.

Pluckyfluff, one of my favorite yarn-y sites to peruse has an interesting project in the works. Lexi is going to spin a yarn called Rapunzel that uses thin braids from all sorts of people with all sorts of hair. I just sent her a braid today (split ends and all). I now have a small bald spot at the back of my head - not visible at all, thankfully. She needs more braids so get choppin'. Don't worry about losing too much as she only needs thin braids.

I started spinning angora again a week ago, but it's come to another halt as I scramble to finish knitting gifts. I almost have an entire spindle full. I may have to cut it short and make smaller skeins because the almost full spindle is starting to weigh too much. The spindle only weighs 23 grams (not even an ounce), but I've wound the angora pretty tight so there's lots on there. When I'm all finished with it, it will be 2-ply laceweight. There's lots of thick roving to spin so I'll probably be an angora-spinning pro when it's all finished.

I currently am holding my sister's new camera hostage. She gets it back on Christmas, but it's mine for now.

Off to do more knitting - wish me luck! Should we place bets on whether or not I can finish a pair of socks and most of a lace scarf by Christmas?


Stefaneener said...

You do simply too too much.

Maybe one of your new year's resolutions can be to put yourself at the top of your list?

Rain said...

They're lovely. I think you deserve a little something for yourself - even better that they were made for you.

Have you seen the 'not a gift' KAL on Knitty? The perfect excuse to make something for yourself!

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, I love those socks!

Haha, it's January 8 and I'm still not done with my Christmas knitting :)