Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday, November 26

( Now we know she's getting creative...)

7.00am: Woken up by Kami meowing (screeching really) and scratching incessantly at the door.

7.30am: Watch snow fall. Love the look of undisturbed snow in the yard. Evergreen trees, Maple trees, and all the shrubs coated in snow. Roses look unwell. Oh well.

8.00am: Still watching snow. Our backyard looks like the paintings on those cheap-o Christmas cards you send to relatives you hate. The decrepit wooden fence doesn't help matters.

9.00am: Turn heel on blue Trekking sock for Josh, a family friend. Wonder how I will get all this knitting done in time for Christmas. Wonder why I didn't start sooner.

10.00am: See that Kami is not only laying on her cat bed, but that she's laying on both of them - one on top of the other. Earlier this month she wouldn't lie on either of them. Finicky *%#^%&$!

11.25am: Power outage. Lovely. Hmm, should've taken that shower earlier, eh? Get out the camp stove and finish making custard. Continue knitting on sock.

12.00am: Call power company. Get outage report. "The outage was caused by a tree falling into a power line." Ah, yes, of course. Also the reason for the last 10 outages we've had. I see a pattern forming.

1.00am: Aunt Marge calls to tell me not to open the box when it arrives. An hour later, I make up an excuse and get off the phone. Massage right ear.

2.00am: Work on sock. Arrive at destination: Black Hole of Knitting. Whew. At least we're getting somewhere.

How was your morning?

P.S. Max is still alive. Not kicking, but alive. He's on a heavy duty doggy painkiller, Rimmedyl. Aren't drugs wonderful?


Rain said...

Ooh snow! I can't wait to get it here.

I have aunts like that, it's the law to have at least one.

Hope Max is having a restful time.

Sarah said...

Glad to hear that Max is doing better.

Snow! Yay! I love my snow.