Monday, November 13, 2006

Driving Away

I am still here, but I haven't really felt like posting lately. As of October 31st I have been attending a defensive driving course every monday, wednesday, and friday. It's not exactly what I would call fun, but I'm certainly learning alot (including how to drive without having a nervous breakdown). The cars we get to drive are the new VW Beetles. They. Are. So. Fun. I desperately want one, but have no hope of affording one. Anyone have a spare $11K hanging around? Thought not.

I'm currently in the black hole of knitting. I have been knitting quite consistently, but am not getting anywhere. I started the second armwarmer for my sister, but had to rip back two inches when I saw that I was decreasing every other row instead of every two rows. I have finished the fingers of a Broadstreet Mitten for my dad, but have yet to pick up for the mitten shell. I have so far completely frogged a sideways knit garter stitch wrister for my mom three times. I'm starting to get fed up and the angora is starting to look a bit tired, too. I'm hoping fourth time's the charm. I'm knitting the foot on a pair of CTH socks (1st one) for myself, but am unable to reach the toe. Bet you I'll have to frog a few inches and re-knit it sometime this week. I desperately want to throw everything aside and start the Poetry in Stitches sweater I have the yarn for.

Right at this very moment there is a very young buck with one antler missing nibbling on the peonies. I didn't know deer liked peonies. I couldn't care less as it's dying anyway. Eat away. The deer have been taking over the yard ever since my sister moved out and took her dog with her. Three weeks ago I was putting pine branches on the sodden burn pile and a rather large buck stepped out from the scotch broom and snorted at me. Gave me quite a start. The wheelbarrow and I retreated.

I've been spinning the German angora into laceweight yarn for my sister. I think that, next to the merino/silk, this is my favorite fiber to spin. I still have an two ounces of merino/silk to spin, but I couldn't keep my hands off the angora. I want to start spinning the variegated purple corriedale I have, but my other spindle is filled with Ile de France x Dorset that needs to be finished and plied. I'm pretty tired of spinning it. It's full of nubs and bits of hay/grass. I picked most of the hay bits out, but apparently I missed some.

We're taking my elderly dog, Max, to the vet's on Thursday for an exam. Depending on his condition he will or won't be euthanized. I'm thinking he probably will be because he's not in great shape. He sleeps about 20 hours a day and only gets up (with much difficulty - we practically have to carry him) to get some food. We have to make sure he goes outside every two hours to do his business or he'll do it all over the floor. He's almost completely deaf, he's going blind, and his arthritis is getting worse and worse every day. I love him to pieces, but he's in a lot of pain. When he does walk, which isn't often, he falls right back down to the ground. He's our only dog and we're going to miss having him around, but we all have decided that once he's gone we want a "rebound animal", so to speak. My parents are getting "up there" in years and they have decided that if they get another animal, it will be either a small dog or a pair of angora rabbits. I think we all know which way I'm leaning, yes? Much as I love dogs, I think I'm done with them for awhile.

I was happy to see that Suse finally got her box and after a week or so caved in and cast on for a pair of socks using the Trekking I sent. Hurrah! Maybe I should cave and start the sweater, eh?

Well, I must get ready for my class. It starts a 6.30 (pm), but it takes about 45 minutes to get there, longer since it's pouring rain outside. Must eat, have a cup of tea, then, uh...start swatching for my sweater perhaps?

Changed the font in case you didn't notice. I vainly read through my posts again after I publish to catch any typos and saw that most of you were probably going blind while reading my blog. The font was Tempus Sans ITC in x-small (not sure why I had it so small...), but now it's Tahoma in small.


Stefaneener said...

Ohhhh, the whole dog thing. It's probably time for him; sounds as though he's had a long, good life. I'm very ready to not have a dog. I need more independent animals in my life.

I am so with you on the knit, frog, knit routine. Seems that's how I do it all. Kind of takes the wind out of my sails a bit.

I am with you on the VW lust, although in my case, it's a 2003 Eurovan camper. Sigh... it's about 30k here.

Clare Who Lurks said...

It's hard to lose a pet, especially a long-time one. My thoughts are with you...

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, yay! A StringBean post :)

Let me check my pockets for $, I have $1.37, if that'll help :)

With all the frogging and reknitting, I think you deserve to start the Poetry in Stitches sweater. It might be what you need to break out of the rut. The angora spinning sounds fantastic.

I'm so sorry about Max. Pets have always been a part of the family for me, and it's so hard to make that kind of decision. I'll be thinking of you.

Suse said...

Did you see my post today? I finished the first sock!

Sorry about your dog. I've been there - it's soooo hard.