Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All's well that ends well

My sister came over to visit on Sunday (Father's Day) and I told her that I was upset about the Maid of Honor thing. She said: "You're my maid-of-honor... didn't we already talk about this?" Needless to say, I was a little confused. Back and forth: You never said that! Yes I did! When!? Blah blah blah...apparently she had an imaginary conversation in which she told me she wanted me to be her maid-of-honor. I told her to stop taking those funky sleeping pills. Problems solved. Happy family. Hurrah. Thank you for all your kind words and sympathy. I'll give you a refund if you want as it was all a silly mistake. My sister isn't evil, she's just absent minded (the kind of person who can't find their own head).
Ack! Drama! Make it go away!

Anyway, didn't this used to be a knitting blog?

I don't have any pictures of new knitted items, but I'll explain as best as I can.

-I've ripped out my log cabin afghan and I'm starting again. Don't look at me like I'm crazy. It wasn't that big. I was just knitting squares willy-nilly and didn't like the look of it. Now I'm knitting something along the lines of the rainbow baby blanket in Mason-Dixon Knitting. I like this way a lot better because I seem to go faster when I'm just knitting rectangles. Before I was knitting blocks with no determined number of rows. Now I knit 10 garter ridges then bind off. Ahh...happiness. It's probably 2' sq. right now.

-I've started a pair of manly sized Broadstreet Mittens for my dear old dad. I'm using a worsted wool for the cuffs (Mtn. Colors) and a strand of Mtn. Colors Bearfoot in the same color (juniper) held together with a stand of Zephyr Silk-Wool in Cedar. Hopefully they will be extra warm for Newhalem winters. They'll match his existing hat and scarf, too. Little does he know he's getting a new matching scarf out of Mtn. Colors Cashmere!

Speaking of dad: He had a great Father's Day! The night before we all went out to dinner at a place called The Beach in Purdy, WA. It's a great restaurant with an awesome array of fresh seafood, among other things. On Father's Day he got to work on his car, which he loves doing, and he got a nice homemade meal courtesy of moi: a ceasar salad, spicy grilled chicken, double stuffed potatoes, steamed sugar snap peas, a bottle of sauvignon blanc, and a yummy checkerboard cake that was a PITA to make. After all that we had a campfire and shot the breeze. He said every weekend should be like that!

Back to knitting:
- I'm working on two pairs of socks for my sister: a pair of Jaywalkers out of a pretty purple Trekking XXL (color 78) and Conwy from Knitting on the Road out of grey Regia Silk. She's also getting a pair of Whitby socks, out of the same book, out of some burgundy Regia Silk.

- I've started my Christmas knitting! I know it's early, but I like to get ahead start. This way I can spend my Christmas holiday having a good time and generally getting drunk on all the Bailey's and eggnog I can find instead of stressing over my knitting. I knit Christmas gifts one at a time. Pretty amazing, huh? Right now I'm working on a pair of plain ol' mittens for Di using Mtn. Colors Weaver's Wool Quarters in Winter Sky. Gorgeous yarn.

Other than that I have a pair of vanilla socks for myself on the needles. The yarn is OnLine Supersock 100, colorway 789. It's a bright orange and yelow variegated yarn. It matches the sunny weather we're having.

I have decided (more like decreed, actually) that I'm not going to start anything else until I finish all of my wips. I know, it's ambitious, but I think I can do it. I have way too many wips. I want to get to a point where I can do one project at a time. You may remember that I've said this before, but this time I mean it. I'm putting my foot needles down! Or rather, picking them up!

I've been blogging less and less lately which may or may not disappoint you. I can't help myself! The weather has been superb! I'm working on digging a firepit (in time for the 4th of July - people are already setting off fireworks! What the hell? A little early, maybe?) in the backyard. We had one before, sort of. It was four logs placed in a square which looked great until they started burning. Yesterday I dug a square hole, about 1 foot deep and 3 sq. feet wide. Today I'm going to remove all the rocks from around our back garden. I use the term garden very loosely because it's more like a bed of weeds and grass. I'm going to line the pit with rocks and fill in the cracks with sand. Voila!

Must go outside now. Who wants to stay inside on the computer all day when it's sunny outside? Not me.

No pictures, sorry. Blogger won't let me post them.


Rain said...

I'm glad you've sorted it out with your sister. Mine is just as absent minded and it causes no end of trouble.

Great idea to get ahead on the christmas knitting. It does tend to sneak up on you.

A firepit sounds fab for the summer. I love sitting out till late around a fire.

allisonmariecat said...

I never have the patience for checkerboard cake! I'm impressed :)

Ah, family drama. So much fun. Glad it all worked out in the end!

I may need to copy your wip policy. I have been pretty good with my yarn embargo (I have so much to knit up and so little storage space, this became necessary), but I'm not sure if I can not cast on for new stuff until my wips are finished. I'll have to think about that!