Monday, May 01, 2006

Yarn Drunk at Seattle Knitting Expo

It's been exactly a week since I posted (completely unintentional, I promise you) and I've decided to sit down at the computer with my gigantic bowl of oatmeal and tell you all the gritty details of last week. Hold on to your seat, this could get really exciting.

My mom, my sister and I went to the Seattle Knitting Expo on saturday. We had intended to stay in Seattle overnight, but we ended up just staying there for the day (Hey, we ran out of money). We spent a lot of time at the yarn expo, then went out to eat at 13 Coins (which I wasn't too impressed by - Food Snob Alert!), then drove home. I bought a lot of yarn (like, duh!). Mostly sock yarn, but I also bought some Blue Moon Fiber Arts Bambu in Lapis to knit a Convertible for me. I started knitting it yesterday, but didn't get very far because I had to make dinner (yummy spare ribs).

Here's what else snuck it's way into my bag:

Madil Kid Seta: 70 Super Kid Mohair/30 Silk(seta), color: 775 (lime green). Think Mojito.

Patagonia Nature Cotton: 100 cotton, color: 204. I didn't know what this yarn was going to be until I was looking through the tabs I placed on certain pages in One Skein. I had placed a tab on the Stash Handbag pattern. Perfect! The orange thick n' thin would look great with the blue/brown Gemstones I have! Hurrah! That's why that yarn called to me! I just couldn't put it down no matter how many times I thought "What the hell am I going to knit out of this?"

Honey Lane Farms Alpaca: 100 alpaca, Unofficial Color Name: creamy yellow. DK weight. I love alpaca! Ever since I got Atacama alpaca to knit mittens for my aunt, I've been in love with it. It's so soft and even warmer than wool!

Butternut Woolens Meadowspun Rabbit: 85 angora/15 merino, colors: Hay (pale green) and Wild Onion (rose). Did I mention that I love angora, too? This yarn is going towards another pair of mittens for yours truly. Shelly Whitman was there selling her angora. I could truly see her raising rabbits. She's petite and she seems very shy and soft-spoken. She was also wearing the most beautiful hand-made blouse and skirt. There was a felted angora scarf lying over a shelf at her stall. Gorgeous! My sister and I couldn't stop petting it.

Sleeping Dragon Handpainted Yarns: 100 merino wool sock yarn, colors: Spring Fling (purple, light blue, pink, turquoise, chartreuse) and Tequila Sun (yellow, orange, pink). I kept coming back to this stall. I desperately wanted to buy some of the Cascade Pima Cotton they had on display, but I was running out of money and still wanted to get some needles. Ack! How I wish I was a millionaire.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts: Socks That Rock, 100 superwash merino
Lightweight, 360 yds/skein: Sherbet, Carbon Dating, Waterlilies, Rare Gems
Mediumweight, 380 yds/skein: Watermelon Tourmaline
Heavyweight, 350 yds/skein: Apple Valley Rd.

The name of this yarn says it all. This yarn Rocks. It rocks socks, it rocks yarn, it rocks the freakin' casbah! I can't wait to finish the other socks I'm working on so I can start a pair with this yarn!

Bambu: 100 bamboo, 400 yds/skein, color: Lapis. Oh my god! I want all my clothes to be knit out of bamboo! It's so sleek and shiny and drapes wonderfully. I haven't even got an inch of Convertible knit, and I cannot wait to knit more.

Trekking XXL: Color: 126 (light pink, white, brown, coffee variegated) I just couldn't stop myself from buying more Trekking. It's right up there with Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Fancy Image Yarn, and Cherry Tree Hill. Mmmmm...yummy. Gimme Gimme.

At the expo Di and I met Cat Bordhi! It was like meeting a celebrity. Like if you met a superstar and they talked to you, you'd be wandering around in a daze thinking "She talked to me...oh my god.." I would have been in an even bigger daze if I met one of my knitting idols: Elizabeth Zimmermann (yes, I realize I can never meet her *sob*), Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, or Nancy Bush. I know, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee isn't really one of the Founders of Knitting, but she makes me laugh so damn much. I'll put her on a pedestal for making me laugh so hard I peed my pants.

I was a bit delirious ...with a smile plastered to my face and the alpaca plastered to my hand...bumping my big lantern moon bag into everyone and everything (yeah, that was me, sorry if I abused you, it may have been unintentional). If you didn't see me it was either because you weren't there or I was behind you getting ready to turn around, wallop you, send you face first into the mohair, and run away. You can thank me later, lady with the red hair and black mumu. Which is probably why a woman at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth called me a "yarn drunk". I was trying to subtly slip by three people so I could reach the Socks That Rock yarn. Instead I managed to trip over all three of them and a chair that a blind person couldn't miss. I admit, it was very amusing. For the record, it's hard to convince people you're laughing when there's an "ow" between every "ha".

I put the above paragraph in Knitty Coffeeshop, too, in the experienced knitter's venting space. Along with the paragraph I included a poll. I looked at it today and it made me laugh:

You will:
sue me because you're the red haired, black mumu-ed lady
5% [ 1 ]
let me slide because I bopped your kid who was being loud anyway
10% [ 2 ]
call me names and laugh at me
21% [ 4 ]
ask me if I'd like to put ANYMORE lotion on my hands
10% [ 2 ]
weren't there
52% [10]
Total votes: 19

Apparently I'm being sued, which sucks for her, because I'm poor. Can she sue me for yarn? Heh heh...

...Moving on...

I'm almost done with Picovoli. I finished sewing down the picot edge on saturday and I've been working on adding sleeves to it. Grumperina talks about adding sleeves by using short rows. Granted, I like short rows, but I wasn't exactly confident about using them for a sleeve cap. So I made my own. I picked up the stitches around the edge of the sleeve and placed a marker at each end of the underarm stitches. I made the beginning of my round at the middle of the underarm stitches. Here's how my row goes: knit to 2 sts before marker, k2 tog, sm, k-f/b, knit to 1 st before next marker, k-f/b, sm, ssk, knit to last marker/beginning of round. Knit 1 row. I knit a decrease/increase row every other round. It seems to be working so far. Essentially I'm just knitting an underarm gusset. I'm decreasing two underarm sts every other row and increasing two sleeve sts every other row to make up for the sts being decreased therefore making sure the sleeve will still fit my arm. Depending on how much yarn I have I may add 3/4 length sleeves. We'll see.
Charles' socks are sort of on a pause (I did a few rows last night) while I finish up my Picovoli. They're something to work on when I'm so tired I can't knit lace or work decreases.

felted bottom of Kitty Pi

Unfelted close up of eyelash and Lamb's Pride
Kitty Pi has been done since last week, but I haven't had a chance to post a proper picture of it, preferably with Kami laying in it. You'll have to live with these until dad brings his camera home again. I'm stuck with using the digital camera from his work. It's quite nice and very fancy, but I much prefer my sister's camera because I know how to use it and can take much better pictures. Kami is the only cat who lays in the cat bed and it's not because everyone hates it. The kitties are much in love with anything soft and or fuzzy. Kami has claimed it as her own. The other cats have merely sniffed it. She insists that I bring it upstairs when we go to bed and bring it downstairs when we wake up. We have a bar chair by the glass doors leading out to the deck so the kitties can watch the birds. Kami sits/naps here often and when I approach the chair with the cat bed she chirps and meows at me like she's saying " It's about time!" or "Yay! My Kitty Pi!"

On my last trip to Canvas Works I bought a bunch of Sugar n' Cream cotton with which to knit washcloths aplenty. I haven't cast on for one yet, but I know which one I want to knit. The Mason-Dixon Washcloth from the Mason-Dixon book. It has bobbles. Do you think I'll survive? Or will I have another Forecast attack? I hope to add to the growing pile of hand knit washcloths in our linen closet. We now only have one store bought washcloth.

This picture's for Zonda and her bees. I hope you can see the bumbler in there. Right in the center. The Rhodies are faded to a pretty china pink and some of the blooms are wilting, but the bees still persist. Good to the last drop, I guess.

I went to Browser's Used Bookstore and found the most charming knitting story book for children. It's called Daisy and her Needles by Keith Balding. Here's the summary on the flap:

"As Daisy knits, she creates a magical world of the imagination, a firelit, sunlit, brightly lit world where her flights of fancy become whimsical reality.

The exquisite, richly detailed and humorous watercolor and gouache paintings illustrate an enchanting poem about Daisy - a character who is as captivating and charming as she is lovable."

It's only twenty pages, but the illustrations are really, well, charming. I wish I had a camera so I could show you one or two of them.


Rain said...

Blimey, what a week. It sounds like you had a fab time at the knitting expo. I'm not surprised, I'd have been in my element too.

allisonmariecat said...

Wow, I wish I had been at the Seattle Knitting Expo. Sounds like a good time :)

I can't wait to see your Picovoli. Congrats on figuring out how to do sleeves...I just didn't have the energy. I'm also looking forward to seeing Kami in the Kitty Pi. I still haven't started mine. I have to dig through the stash, and after finishing my Mother's Day present, I lacked focus :)

*off to find Daisy and Her Needles*

turtlegirl76 said...

Wow, sounds like you found some great stuff! I wish I could have been there! The kitty pi turned out nicely. I haven't made much progress on the Princess Snowball, but the cats don't seem to care. *sigh*

Zonda said...

Ha! I feel very special now! um... I'm bee drunk now! LOL! Nice flowers BTW! Your yarn haul sounds awesome...I would be a yarn drunk too...I've never been around any expos like that, the south doesn't have them???why????
turtlegirl and I could do some major damage I am sure!
I have to get that mason-dixon book!!