Friday, April 07, 2006

Log Cabin Knitting and a Crackhead

I got my yarn from Myra today! Eight skeins of hand-dyed merino wool for me! 250 yards per skein ...8 skeins ...2000 yards of soft yummy yarn!! As soon as I got it I smelled the yarn and then wound it into balls on my handy-dandy-twice-as-fast ball winder. It's going towards this blanket for my bed:
I started this blanket this week using the scrap yarn I had (also Myra's hand-dyed yarn). Guess where I got inspiration from? Yes, Mason-Dixon Knitting. I love this book! Since I got it a week ago I've looked through it about 100 times. The patterns make me think : "Why didn't I think of this?" and "Genius!". I especially love the round wash cloth. We only have square garter stitch wash cloths - time for a change I think. I may actually knit one now! "Must use the handknits!" as Ann and Kay say in their book.

Here's that mitered afghan that's been lurking around waiting for me to work on it (I have! I have!). It's nothing impressive, just an afghan to replace all the dog-chewed afghans we have now. It's kind of neat to work on as each row of squares is worked up diagonally so it looks like a shawl ...if you were willing to wear something that looked like this for a shawl. *grimace* There will be no tassels on this afghan as that's what Toby loves to chew on the other afghans.

Some kitty pr0n:
Sam on my parent's bed. He looks quite cool against the blue of the comforter cover, n'est pas? His newest nickname: Fat Kitty Marmalade, has stuck fast and I've now got the whole family calling him that. I can't imagine he's thanking me.
I've started walking again. Did you know I'm a Walker? Well I am. I only walk a mile a day, but it's better than not walking. Oh yes, and I only walk when it's nice out. As soon as October comes around I quit and go curl up in front of the fire until late February or early March, depending on the weather. Along with being a Walker, I'm a Hibernator, too. Anyway, to the point! When I walk, I take Toby along as he has mysterious and never-ending sources of energy. My sister and I call him 'Our Little Crackhead'. I.e: This morning, my sister took Toby on a walk. When she came back I took Toby on a walk. I didn't think he would want to go as he had just been on a walk, but I was dead wrong. Whenever you say the word "walk" or "walkies" he goes crazy and whines and jumps around and talks (really funny. If I could get a recording of him talking and post it here I would. It really sounds like he's trying to say something). When we got back this is what he did:
He always lays here. He did it when he was a puppy and he still does it although he doesn't fit very well - he never did. Technically, he's still a bit of a puppy, he's not even two yet. Can you believe it? He must way about 130 pounds. Our beastie boy. Who needs rappers?

Take a look at the Knitting Crazy Cat Ladies page for a picture of sweet little Sophie.


allisonmariecat said...

I love your blanket! Such an amazing use for the handdyed. It's going to be stunning. I like the colors in your afghan, too.

You're a Walker, I'm a Fitness DVD Junkie. I don't really like exercising out where all the other people are.

I see Picovoli on your sidebar! What color are you going for?

Oh, and Geronimo looks great on blue, too. I think it's a red tabby thing :)

Rain said...

I have an overgrown pup who still thinks he can fit on my knee. There's only room for one of us in the armchair and he's a heavy lump.

Your yarn is gorgeous, so many pretty colours. I love your idea for the blanket.

KnitPastis said...

Toby has me laughing out of my chair. He came home pooped tired, laid down where he did as a puppy even though just his hind leggs fit in there! That's a hoot and thanks for the great laugh. That is a cool dog.
Grat idea for using up our scrap yarn.

snowdrop said...

Kitty looks like a supermodel, only not so vacant!

Stefaneener said...

My sister had a much-loved fat cat just like that. He lived to a remarkable age. The blanket looks lovely. When the sun is shiny I don't want to think about warm things, but one of those would have come in handy over the last four months. I just started running again -- must be the season.

Niiiiice yarn, by the way.