Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Fun

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have fun with whomever you're spending it with. Don't forget: eat lots of chocolate.

If you need to waste a half hour between baking, watch Der Lauf Der Dinge. You could knit, too, but this is sort of neat.

Picovoli: I just put the sleeves on waste yarn and I'm working my way down to the waist decreases.

Forecast: I think I'll pick it up later today and finish the first sleeve.

Easter dinner: Ham, cheese potatoes, green bean cassarole, and a strawberry window box cake. We have the same damn thing every year, every holiday. I love it.

I don't have a camera so you won't be getting any new pictures until I get one. Disappointing huh? I know. I could use my dad's camera from work, but I'm afraid I'm going to break it. Very confusing. I want to get the same kind of camera my sister has because I know how to use it.

I just put in an order to The! Yay! Here's what I'm getting:

-Soft Touch Ultra: bubblegum and raspberry (2 skeins of each)

-Trekking XXL: 77, 78, 11 and 144

-Weaver's Wool: winter sky, sagebrush, and ruby river

-Zephyr Wool-Silk: daffodil and basil

- Cashmere: pine needle

-Catania Variegated: 90 (2 skeins for mom - washcloths)

-Helen's Lace: bittersweet

-Silja: 362 avacado (2 skeins)

- Step: 10

-Shepard Sock: grapevine, sunshine, carrot, china blue, cedar, and berry

-Supersock Merino: old rose, spanish moss, martha's vineyard

I was going to get 11 skeins of Cash Iroha for an Hourglass Sweater, but Judy doesn't carry it anymore. I guess I'll just have to make do. Sock yarn doesn't count as stash!

Happy Easter! (again)


Rain said...

Oooo that's a lot of yarn. I see you're starting on stocking the yarn room early.

turtlegirl76 said...

Holy yarn order batman! Wow.

allisonmariecat said...

I can't wait to see what you do with all the yarn! I have some Zephyr Wool Silk in Pewter that I bought with no clear purpose...maybe you'll give me ideas :)

Are you having fun with Picovoli? I found it a nice satisfying knit. You're really trucking along with it if you're on waist decreases!