Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A sink full of roses

roses not blooming:


jilly jewel

x rated

We're going to plant them on friday! Hurrah!

I haven't been knitting much! Boo!


snowdrop said...

Oh my! NICE roses!

snowdrop said...

Oh my! NICE roses!

allisonmariecat said...

Oh, I love roses! I'm always fascinated by their names. And since I live in an apartment where my gardening is confined to herbs on our eensy porch, I'm looking forward to gardening vicariously with you :)

KlutzyJenn said...

Lucky Duck!! Beautiful roses... hey got a question... have you ever dyed yarn with Jello?? I did, it was a mess and well some of the color stayed, I'm presently waiting for my moms trip back from the grocer with Kool-aid and if all else FOOD COLOR DYE!!

I have pictures of my mess... had to rerinse it yet again for the 4th time, smelled and felt like Jello. Now it's got a lite scent of Jello and alight blush pink color.

Take Care - Jenn :0)

turtlegirl76 said...

Me too! Can I be vicarious through you and your dirt? 2nd floor condos are, um, lacking.

aja said...

Your beautiful roses out-do my lonely hibiscus, they are fabulous! Thanks for stopping by mu site, I just realized you are in Olympia!! My parents live in Dupont, about 20 minutes north of there. I spent a lot time in Olympia in my younger years, mostly swing dancing and eating at the urban onion...good times ;)

bradyphrenia said...

all your flowers are very pretty.