Saturday, February 04, 2006

Woolly Bliss and Divine Dining

Last night the power went out (yes, again) from 11:something pm to 6:30am. I didn't get very much sleep because I went to bed after the power went out and I couldn't get to sleep without the restful hum of an electrified house. By the time I began to doze off, the power came back on and woooosh, I was awake again. I had planned to wake up at 8:00am, but it was 6:30am already and I can never make myself fall back asleep when I know I only have an hour and a half to sleep.

The plan for today was to wake up early (part one accomplished by me and only by me) and drive to Port Angeles to see the snow and freeze our toes off. I woke up early, but mom and dad slept in until almost 10. By the time everyone was ready, it was close to 12. Then, halfway down the road, we had to turn around because dad forgot his contacts. Needless to say, we did finally make it onto 101 without any tears. Just a few frayed nerves, mine included. Luckily, I brought a pillow.

As we drove up to Port Angeles we saw a lot of flooding in yards and fields from the previous nights. The tide was higher than I have ever seen it. Everything higher than 3 or 4 feet (except houses, Dorothy) was blown over or windblown-looking. The sky was a desolate whitish-gray and the sun looked like a little dot from a bingo marker. We drove alongside Hood Canal for awhile and saw a rainbow arching high over the water. Very lucky. I wonder if the fish saw it.

We drove through Sequim and stopped at A Mingled Yarn. Wow! What a great yarn shop! (Sorry, no pictures. I got so caught up in the yarn, I forgot.) There were four or five women, maybe three worked there. When you come inside they offer you tea, cocoa, or cider. Everyone was so friendly! This was a shock to me as everyone I've met in WA is a bit stand-offish. They're not mean, but they're not too friendly. These ladies were so wonderful. They had cats in the shop, too! All yarn shops should have cats, if you have allergies, too bad. I have cat allergies and three cats, get over it. There were two kittens and a beautiful older tortoiseshell female. I told her she would just fit into my bag and the dogs would love her. Unfortunately I was told that she wouldn't love the dogs. O.K. then. I still have my Kamicat. I had a list of yarn/projects written down (as one should when traveling anywhere) and I decided to buy some Debbie Bliss Cathay for the picovoli sweater. They didn't carry the cathay (said Debbie Bliss had an "iffy" distributor), but one of the women (owner?) took me around the entire shop and showed me about 20 different substitutes I could use. She told me how each one would knit up, how it would hang, if it was too heavy, how it was washed, etcetera! She even went to some and said "Oh no, you don't want that...". Some people might be offended by this, but I love it when someone does that. It's almost like they know what you're thinking. She was right, too. The ones she said that about I didn't want. Amazing. She was so helpful.

I bought 6 skeins of Frog Tree 100% alpaca (sportweight, color #508 lilac). I'm addicted to lilac and alpaca. The cathay is cotton, silk and something else, viscose, acrylic? I don't remember. Anyway, the sweater will be much lighter now, and softer. I also petted some wonderful camel yarn, yummy. As I was doing one last walkaround of the shop I stopped by a rack to bend down and play with the littlest black kitten (Smoke). While I was groveling on the floor I saw a skein of the most fantastic yarn ever. Tanglewood Fiber Creations handspun merino wool "Northwest Spring", 196 yds of woolly bliss. I can't even describe the color. Green and blue variegated just doesn't cut it. Have you ever had a moment like this? Even if you don't need the yarn for anything, it just calls to you so strongly that you have to have it. So I got it, of course. I won't say how much it was, just more than I would have normally paid for 1 skein of yarn. For the life of me, I can't decide what to knit out of it. I'm not going to knit anything until I finish all those unfinished items, but I'd like to have something in mind. Please give me some suggestions. Something wearable and visible, so no fun and exciting underwear or socks. No more socks.

I was going to write about going up to Hurricane Ridge. Well, let me revise that. Trying to go up to Hurricane Ridge. The roads were blocked due to power outages, 75 mph winds, and snow drifts. It's too depressing and I was carsick all the way. Then we went to a bookstore where I bought a Harold and the Purple Crayon b-day card for Dusty's upcoming 19th b-day. I also got her a blank card with watercolor horses on the front and a pack of 8 bird cards and envelopes for Aunt Marge, the wild bird wonder. Then we went to dinner (if you can call it that) at Michael's Divine Dining, which was, to a food snob like me, anything but divine. I don't want to talk about it. Yuk. At least I got yarn (and a long nap), right? That's all that matters. Yes, indeed.

Alright, blogger won't let me publish pictures right now so I'll do it tomorrow.

It has come to my attention that when you view the results for the poll in the sidebar, there are certain inappropriate links. I am deleting the poll immediately. More room for fellow bloggers.


snowdrop said...

verinica lake is a good one... snow... i live in canada and we have had almost NO now and it's a little bizarre...granted, it is southern ontario and we don't get usually get mountains of it, but still... we had some near in early december, and that's pretty much it... it hasn't been cold enough for snow, kinda sad, i think!

Sarah said...

I would love to do the Forecast kal...but I think that might be too hard for me! Do you think this would work as a first sweater?

allisonmariecat said...

I love yarn shop cats!

As for the 196 yards of yarn...hat? My first hat was out of wonderful variegated yarn that I only had one skein of (Mountain Colors in Aurora Borealis), and it's still my favorite hat. Maybe a skinny scarf?

allisonmariecat said...

I love yarn shop cats!

As for the 196 yards of yarn...hat? My first hat was out of wonderful variegated yarn that I only had one skein of (Mountain Colors in Aurora Borealis), and it's still my favorite hat. Maybe a skinny scarf?

Latoya said...

I suggest a shrug or tubey from Knitty.

Sounds like a very nice and comfy place that you visited for yarns. I can't imagine anyone being mean in a yarn shop though.
Knit on!