Sunday, February 19, 2006


I've been working feverishly...okay, maybe not feverishly, but in a consistent manner...on Dusty's sock to get it finished. Her b-day's in March and I want to make sure the package has plenty of time to get knocked around in the mail on it's way to Albany, NY from Olympia, WA. Quite a distance for best friends, yesno? We met in the 6th grade at the Aurora Waldorf school. It was destiny, really. If I hadn't failed 6th grade in Frontier Middle School I would have never gone to Waldorf and never met Dusty. See? Destiny. To tell the truth we don't have a whole lot in common. Somehow I don't think that matters at all. She doesn't even knit. To get back on the sock..I've knit the back of the heel and I just have to turn it. Then it's the 12" sprint down the foot. She really has to get smaller feet.

I know I've been saying this for awhile, but I'm going to try and find some time to post the patterns I finally have written down on here. I have two little notebooks in my knitting case. One is for rough drafts patterns - I write the pattern down while I'm knitting the object - the other is for when the item is all done and I've read and re-read and re-read the rough draft and put the final tweaks in it. Then, the pattern goes into the final copy notebook (in pen) and it's ready for "publication" on my blog. This can take quite awhile (as I'm sure anyone who designs and knits their own things knows), especially when I have various other knitting projects in the works. I'm going to try for tomorrow. When I get a few more typed up, I'll put (another) little section just for my patterns in the sidebar so they're easy for you to find. Please steal them. I will never charge for my patterns...unless I knit a wedding dress or something. Not likely. I won't have pictures, but trust me, the hats are very good-looking. If you're not ready to go on my word or if you think I'm a lying creep, I'll draw you a picture. Actually, I may do that anyway. I never really like knitting patterns without pictures. "What the hell does it look like? I'm not gonna knit that."

Note: I'd like to start a petition. Let's all ask/beg/berate Cheap Ass Knitter for her Fish scale sock pattern. Anyone who would like to sign the petition, just leave a comment here saying:

Fish scale sock pattern: Yes/No (pick one). That's all. If you want publicity, you can leave your name/blog name/nickname/pet name.


Hahahah, look I can finally post pictures again! Hallelujah!

It's getting late and I want to knit. I'll post the rest of the pictures I have for you all tomorrow. Along with the knitting patterns.

Watch: tomorrow I won't be able to post pictures. Ahhh, the world is a cruel place, is it not?

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allisonmariecat said...

Not that I don't have enough projects in the queue, but I'm looking forward to your patterns!

I'm not a sock knitter, but since I'd like to see a photo of these on your site, I'll vote:

Fish scale sock pattern: Yes