Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Guess again...

Here I thought Blogger would be fixed so I could post pictures, but I guess I was wrong. No pictures today, again. If I'm ever able to post photos again, there will certainly be a lot of things for you to look at later on. I'm giving up for today. I have Dusty's first sock almost done. I just have to knit the toe. I have yet to cast on for Marge's second mitten, although I did add something really cute to the first one, which I could show you if I was able to post PICTURES!!! It's too bad I'm not British because then I could scream "BERLOOOODY BLOGGER!!!!" like I really want to. Think I could do it anyway?

I'm still on section two of Clapotis, only on the third or fourth repeat. Whenever I bring it up from the depths of the knitting bag it's a toss up on whether I will work on it or rub it's fuzzy goodness against my face. Let's just say it's going slowly.

I'm planning on starting a clubby thing, but am sparing no details right now as I don't have any of it ready except for the idea. All I will say is, it will be good. And for anyone who wants to join, I promise to make you a fun and formidable button. And (okay, one more teaser) it will make you feel good. I've got you stumped now, huh?

I still have not managed to look at Klehm's Song Sparrow website. It's a flower catalog. 'Tis the season and mom and I want to make the ugly, moldy fence a bit prettier by hiding it completely with flowers and flowering shrubs and perhaps a nice flowering tree. I'm definitely going to get a magnolia. I haven't decided which one. I think I have it down to three. Two pinks and one lovely yellow. Or visa-versa. The miniature roses we ordered will be coming next month and I promise to post plenty of pictures, IF I can. We're ordering them from Nor'East. They only do mini's, I think, but if I'm wrong, feel free to rub it in. You can send the order form in at anytime, but on the form you can mark when you want the roses sent to you, we said March.

I've added a few new links to the website. There's a link to 'Save the Sheep' (Aussie Merinos) which will definitely make you think twice about buying Australian Merino, or any other wool for that matter, if it doesn't stop you altogether. If you have a weak constitution, don't watch the video, just read the article, it gets the point across VERY well. The video will definitely bring a tear to your eye, as it did mine (well, not just one, but a few). Terrible.

I've also added:

- the link to A Mingled Yarn in case you missed it in one of my previous posts. They're down for the moment, but I am sure they will be back up soon.

- a button link (Not a Secret Pal) to Grumperina's most amusing questionaire post. Favorite bird? The button is also by Grumperina.

- the "Reformed Bandwidth Thief" button, which you should click on and read the contents. Very important, and having to do with people who steal the buttons straight from someone else's website and don't upload it to their own. Lazy somethings-that-start-with-a-capital-B.

The picture of me in a lifesaver costume, not actually mine, speaking of stealing pictures (but at least I put it on my own picture program!) a link to Puget Sound Blood Center's website. Everyone should donate blood unless they're diabetic, have AIDS/HIV, too young, too light, are hemophiliac, or have some other disease of the blood that prevents them from donating. Unless you apply to the list, you really should donate blood (or platelets). People always need blood, especially patients who have undergone surgery or need constant blood transfusions because of a disease. Rare blood types are needed, too. Make a habit of donating blood! It's only every 56 days, like you can't fit that into your schedule? Alright, down, soapbox, down.

I go now to write out a hat pattern that's been pining away in the rough draft book. Although, I promise no pictures (still going on about that). I think it will be the Blue Mitered Hat.

I'm also going to watch the new Project Runway. It's the only tv show I make a habit of watching. Favorite episode so far: either the Inspiration episode (Andre's dress) or the Floral episode (can't decide between Kara's dress and Santino's dress). Anyone else love this show?

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snowdrop said...

of course you can say bloody... i do, occasionally... as for the red & black sweater, it's already been tough goings! this is the third time i've attempted it, and i'm almost done the back, so it's already looking like it MAY be finished... i've knit other sweaters, but this one seemed CURSED!