Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The first few letters of the Alphabet

A is for awe.
On a trip to Seattle we stopped at an ice cream parlor.
While sitting on their sofas we saw a Gargantuan flock of seagulls swoop up out of nowhere and head towards Puget Sound.
This is mom watching them.

B is for Beetle.

My sisters 1968 Volkawagen Beetle.

C is for Caravan Climbing.

Not an actual sport.

After a wind storm my dad climbed up and twisted and turned the satellite while we yelled at him: "Left! No, more right! Down!"

D is for ducks.

These particular ducks were wandering around a park somewhere.

I am actually reminded of our own ducks.

We raised ducks for a few years, but we have none now.

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Elizabeth said...

I like your pictures. The one of your dad reminds me of one of those Darwin Awards, though.