Tuesday, January 31, 2006

When Will it End?

Sometimes I can't believe myself. I keep starting new things when I should be finishing the old. Things I should finish: my cabled mitten (the second one), my hawaiian leis socks (the second one), my aunt's mittens (the second one). Do you see a pattern?
And another thing: I forgot to take a picture of the finished blue mitered hat before I dropped it off at Canvas Works! Which means I'll have to knit another one in exactly the same colors. I must! After that I'm not starting anything new! Nothing! Not until I finish the above items. I shouldn't have even started Clapotis last night. It's just that I bought the yarn, Reynolds' Odyssey (col. 507- dark blue and col.409- light blue), yesterday. It's so soft and warm. I had to. Anyway, here's how far I've gotten on Clapotis:

Dusty's sock (Sockotta col. 6674):

I also bought some more sock yarn. It's lovely turquoise variegated. Have to add that to the stash.
But some good news! I got a new storage container for my stash. It's a white tupperware type thing with three drawers. Finally, organization.

Here's the picture of Kami and Toby. Don't they look like they jumped out of The Exorcist? Creepy animals. Well, I'll leave you with this to haunt your memory, mwah ha ha...teatime!


gourdongirl said...

Loved your blog.

I notice you are suffering from seconditemitis...a very common problem with knitters, the only cure is to bite the bullet and knit the second sock and or mitten, its the only way forward I'm affraid !!!!!!!!

bradyphrenia said...

i made socks out of that colorway. at first i didn't think i'd like them, but they grew on me. took forever to knit though.

i also noticed that my kitty and your kitty look alike. maybe there should be some kind of internet haven for the gray kitties of the world.