Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A New Look for A New Year

Happily, I won't be changing my template every year, but I had to change it this time. Before it was dark and dreary blue. I live in Washington. It was too depressing. Plus I've added something wonderful, courtesy of Knitticisms (april 05). They're progress bars! I've been looking all over for how to do these suckers! Look! Over there-----> Aren't they pretty? I was thinking of adding my shawl to the list, but I'd have to put 0%. I've also changed my counter at the bottom of the page, whoop-de-doo. This one is a little more stylish, courtesy of

Here is someone that I can never capture on camera. Sophie was sitting in her 2nd favorite spot staring longingly out the window next to the computer desk. I snuck up behind her and snapped this picture. Of course, right after I did, she gave me a "you-should-be-dead stare". I guess I deserved it.

Only one new knitting project: a light and dark blue mitered hat for the Center for Performing Arts Advocacy for Children on February 4th. If you live in or near Olympia I highly recommend participating in this. It is a bit short notice, but it's been in the Olympian for awhile. Here's the article. I'm not going to bother to post a picture right now because I have so little of it done. I am writing down the pattern as I go and when I find time I will post it on here along with the other patterns (including Daisy's Hat) I promised.

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Sarah said...

I'm posting not to be critical, but because I think I've found a kindred spirit....your blogger header is squished just like mine! Can you see it from your view? Does it bother you? Do you know how to fix it? Sorry for bombarding with questions, but I have been trying to fix this problem for weeks (I have a thread on it in the coffeshop as well) and never saw it happening to anyone else till I viewed your blog...