Friday, January 13, 2006

Knitting Lilac Flowers

Kami watched TCM today. There was opera and a young girl who looked like Dorothy. She hasn't been helping me knit, but she did supervise the winding of the yarn - from on top of the tv.
I've started my aunt's mittens, but I'm not going to post a picture yet because I've only done a few rows of K2, P1 for the cuff. The yarn is 100% alpaca, Atacama.
I think I've created a new cable. It's for my 'Birds of a Feather' cap or 'A Feather in My Cap'. I haven't really decided on a name. I will be posting it on here when it's finished. Meanwhile I'll be posting my 'Fleur de Bebe' hat and the hat I refer to as 'The Camo Hat'. But not today because I don't have satisfactory pictures of either of them.
Kudos to the blogging gals and guys on Knitty. I think if anyone tries to put down your blog or search for "something nasty", they may not make it through another google. When Knitter's fight back, or not fight, as the case may be. It seems many of you have chosen the Gandhi approach. Good Luck.

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