Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Knit Goes On

I'm still working on the Blue Mitered Hat. I've had to rip it out to the mitered squares two times and fix the decrease pattern. By the way, the hat circumference is 20". I will definitely have it finished in time for the benefit concert. But enough about that. There's enough depressing things to think about, like the weather.
Which, amazingly, cleared up today, a little bit. Okay, it was cloudy, but light enough to see by. I took some pictures of an itsy bitsy spider making a home on the new growth on my eucalyptus tree. Caught Kami in a perfect leap out of a basket! I was dumbstruck, I didn't even have the camera on sequence. Yippee, it came through for me, once and for all!

There's a few more neat pictures, including one where Kami and Toby look like they stepped right out of the movie, The Exorcist. Creepy. I'll post it at a later date, as Blogger hates when I post more than 5 pictures a post. It gets nervous, I think.

I still can't decided wether I want to cast on for my 2nd Hawaiian Leis sock or knit my best friend, Dusty, a pair of socks. It will probably be the latter. I have decided to knit a tank top out of Interweave Knits with my Jagger Spun silk-wool instead of a shawl, which I would probably never wear. The pattern is in the 2002 summer issue, it's called 'A Luxurious Secret'. Lovely.

I'm still waiting for the yarn for my Norwegian sweater to arrive. More about that later. Pictures included. Until then, I will knit and make some French Onion Soup!


Stefaneener said...

I _know_ Olympia is supposed to be beautiful, but I don't know how you do it. I guess knitting helps! It rains here all winter, and unless I'm knitting, I want to go nuts. Don't you love the sunshine that peeks out?

Good looking hat, by the way!

Latoya said...

Great pics of the eucalyptus and the cat. Can't wait to see pictures of your friend's socks.

snowdrop said...

thanks for noticing my blog! i like your eucalyptus... i had one once, but... well, it's just too sad... your blog looks great!