Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hardwood and Generosity

We had our our hardwood floors refinished last week. Which means we had to move all the furniture out and move ourselves out for two days. We only have 2 rooms downstairs that aren't hardwood; the front room, which no one really uses except the cats; and the laundry room, rather small and smelling of kitty litter.
We came back the day after they (Kinney's Custom Hardwood) finished and were sorry for it. The floor was still curing and it smelled awful. We all felt sick and had headaches. I was downstairs making my sister lunch for the next day (because I'm such a wonderful person) and the smell stopped bothering me after awhile. Then I went to bed and at three o'clock in the morning I woke up near to suffocating from the fumes. I had to open my window all the way and sleep huddled under my comforter while my nose froze off. Just to be safe the next day I ate 3 oranges, drank a bunch of orange juice (plus a jug of Odwalla C Monster), and loaded up on mom tea (Red Rose tea with 3 teaspoons honey with a generous slice of lemon). Well, the mom tea's nothing new, I drink that all the time.
The floor does look nice, even though mom and I despise it. If we had our way, we'd cover it up with carpet, screw my sinuses. Dad, who lives/works up in Newhalem -north of Seattle- during the week, sent me an email with exact and complicated instructions on how to take care of and preserve "our beautiful hardwood floor". I sent him an email back: "Are you kidding?". We had the floor in our kitchen (also hardwood) covered up with Marmoleum. It's actually quite nice. The floor was looking really cruddy because mom and I cook all the time, so we had horrible wear spots in front of the stove and the sink.

I'm trying to hurry up my Christmas knitting, but it's not hurrying. I'm working on a cabled hat for my sister, of my own design, and a pair of cabled mittens to match the hat. I already made a hat for my dad and gave it to him so he could wear it right away. Once he gets home this weekend I'll take some pictures and post them along with the pattern.
I'm not sure I can take all this knitting for other people. (I would post some pictures of the gifts in progress, but my computer won't let me load them. Maybe I'll post them separately. I just saw Knitty's new issue yesterday. What fun! I have to knit some things from there for people. I still have to get gifts for my best friend in Franklinville, NY. I almost forgot about her (oh no!), I was so relieved to have finished shopping for my family that I called it quits for everyone else.

- Going to bottle the Lone Star beer on Saturday, hope we have enough bottles. It may be our Christmas beer! Which means I'll have to make fun and interesting labels! Which means I'll need label paper!

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